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*Min Seol Hee Pov*

"That bitch! Jerk! Asshole!!" i muttered hitting the staring wheel with my palm in frustration.

"How the god damn fuc…did that jerk find out.." I thought in my head as I turned to the left, stopping the car at the red light.

I threw my head back whining.. Ill be dead meat if Hyung Sil finds out… or even the world.. As if for now thank god he got the media shut up on that god damn "scandal" I said rolling my eyes.

Holding my head in frustration looking at the traffic light thats still stuck on red. I looked towards my phone that got a call I picked it up normally and looked at the caller ID, It was Suho.

Taking one deep breath, I picked up the call.

*end pov*


"hello sweetie, are you home?" Seol Hee asked in a sort of a worried tone..

"hey, eomma where are you right now?" Suho asked as he just got out of Hans room to provide her some space.

"chel!" the door closed.

"uh..where I am? I am in traffic, why?" she replied with.

"where are u going?" Suho asked straightforwardly. Going towards the lounge to sit.

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