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Chapter 09 – Lord Selim meets close aide candidates


“Good morning, My Lord.”

“Good morning, My Lord.”

“Good morning, Lord Selim.” 


In the early morning of the next day, there I was in the front of the castle with 7 children of the same age as well as our supervisor, the swordsman Katia.”

These children are the people who will follow me to enter the academy in the Royal Capital.


I’m a great noble, so even if I am going to become a student at the Royal Capital, it’s impossible for me to go by myself.

From the beginning, I would have a number of subordinates who would enter at the same grade as me to create a faction.

However, in my year of enrollment, the princess who is first-in-line to the throne and two scions from Marquis households will also be enrolling in the academy.

To enter the academy, there is no exam for the children of the ranks of Earl or higher, but there is an exam for those below that.

The children who are also candidates to become my aides have to pass this exam, so they are currently studying individually.

As a result, I am currently unable to spend time with my close aide candidates of the same age, living surrounded by adults.


Those children are also following in this expedition.

One of the purposes is to interact with these people who I will fight together for a long time in the future.


“The subjugation target this time is goblins, right Young Master, let’s fight against something stronger.”


Gilbert of Viscount Household Belson spoke to me.

In this party, this guy has the highest status next to me.

House Belson has for generations guarded an important fortress to the east of the Duchy.

Gilbert is the so-called muscle-brained type.

He’s strong but stupid, so he’s forced to study hard for the written test of the academy’s entrance exam.


“This expedition, with the exception of one supervising teacher, is all children of the same age as Young Master.

The goal of the expedition this time is for us to head towards the destination, successfully subjugate monsters, stay for a night, and return just by ourselves.

Such operation is our lesson this time.”


The next person who spoke was Valéry Mölders.

He is the son of a house that has been in charge of the domestic affairs of the Duke Household for generations despite not having a noble title in the Kingdom. 


Mölders is a family of civil servants, but it was not unusual for him to be with me because I am not allowed to be surrounded by only militants like Gilbert.

For that reason, Valéry, who was relatively talented in magic, is being trained as a military officer and is planning to go to the Royal Capital with me.

In Valéry’s case, he is very worrying in terms of the practical martial arts exam, so he is also currently training desperately.

He is an excellent talent that is better at doing secretarial work, so I’ll be in trouble if I don’t get him to enroll at any cost.


By the way, Gilbert is the same age as me, and Valéry is one year older.

The academy in the Royal Capital has an entrance qualification of 15 to 18 years old, so they can advance grades with me.

Due to the wide range in the age of admission, the number of people trying to be in the same grade as the crown princess increased, making the exam even more heated.


I would have these two on top of the subordinates that would support me in the Royal Capital.

There are also more than 50 who would take the entrance exam other than the people participating in this expedition, so I’m very curious how many of them can pass.


In this world, monsters and humans are in a fierce battle to secure territory.

Both draw mana as energy through breathing.

In urban areas where there are many humans, the nearby mana belongs to humans, so monsters cannot spawn.

On the other hand, in uninhabited areas, mana belongs to monsters.

Monsters are naturally generated from mana and can also breed.


Monsters do not spawn near the Duchy’s capital.

You have to go to the countryside to experience the actual battle of monster extermination.


We advanced through the woods.

It’s a relatively safe road, but there are attacks by weak monsters along the way.

The roads connecting human settlements are mostly human territory, but weak monsters are constantly appearing around.

The boys ride horses around the carriage carrying our luggage.

The supervising teacher, Katia, is the driver of the carriage, and we have to eliminate the monsters that appear by ourselves.


“…three kobolds, huh.

Gilbert should be enough.”

“Wait a minute, Boss.

You’re making me deal with everything without doing anything.”


Even while complaining, Gilbert easily cut down the three kobolds.

Gilbert is better than me when it comes to swordsmanship.


I haven’t killed a single monster along the way yet.

Instead, I had Gilbert defeat them, but the did not respond.


“It would be better for everyone to grow up in actual battle rather than me defeating the monsters since I’m stronger.”


While saying something that sounds correct, I don’t plan on fighting.

Nine out of ten, killing monsters is a negative rating for the .

I plan to keep my losses at a minimum.

It’s also true that even if I kill kobolds now, it won’t be any training for me.


“That’s true, but even for me, it’s just annoying to defeat kobolds.”

“Then, next time, I’ll have six people other than me and Gilbert do it.”


Looking at the rest, they all had tense faces.

Gilbert and I are abnormal, and for normal 14 and 15-year-olds, kobolds are also scary.


After a while, another enemy appeared.


“Four gray wolves, huh They’re a little stronger than kobolds.

However, you should go as I said earlier.”


The boys timidly pointed their swords at the Gray Wolf.

I cast auxiliary magic on them that increases their strength and speed.


“So kind~.

Young Master did not give me any support when I fought.”


In front of the joking Gilbert, the other boys steadily defeated the gray wolves.



Everyone is as expected.”


I said in a good mood.

I used auxiliary magic on those who killed monsters, but the didn’t react to it either.

As predicted before, it seems almost impossible for the experience points to change due to the actions of my subordinates.

The last thing is to see what would happen if I fought personally.


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