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Chapter 49 – Lord Selim defeats the villain


It’s been 4 days since I started cooperating with Leviathan.

Nadia and the dragon kept chatting with each other and seemed to enjoy themselves the whole time.

I was using all the time, but it does not consume , so it is not a burden at all.

As a result, the problem on Levian Island was resolved without much difficulty.


However, the mastermind behind the dark curse was still thriving on this island.


In the hall where we are, there was a hidden entrance made by humans, in addition to a hidden magic passage made by Leviathan.

From behind it, we suddenly heard multiple footsteps.

There’s a presence heading towards us.

It’s our first time meeting humans other than us after coming here.

Leviathan looks disgusted.

It must not be an ally.


“Let’s hide”


Nadia and I hid in the passage made by the dragon.

We looked inside from the passage.

Led by a girl, a dozen adults appeared in front of the dragon.


“Lord Dragon God, would you like to talk to me about something today”


Dragon God.

Is Leviathan a god to the people of this island 

Since she is eager to chat with the dragon, that girl must be Fake Priestess.



I don’t have anything to say to such a boring person like you.

Go away.”

“Oh Great Dragon God, please guide us.”


The conversation was not proceeding properly.

Come to think of it, Leviathan’s voice can only be heard by those he recognizes.


“Leviathan, since his dark magic curse has disappeared, why doesn’t he let someone among them hear his voice”


He might hate those people very much…”


I looked at the Fake Priestess with and realized.

One of them was a mass of darkness mana.




Instinctively, I rushed out of the hidden passage and released towards the demon.

This is a foreign country.

If I don’t deal with the demon I found now, I won’t be able to approach him again next time.




Bound by the holy chains, the demon screams.

The demon seemed to be desperately resisting, but the chains didn’t budge.


It’s a big difference from when I fought Earl Satie who turned into a demon before.

The holy attribute is a rare special attribute, and is overwhelmingly strong against darkness.

In the legends I researched in books, there was also a story of a saintess who exorcised thousands of devils in an instant.

However, her holy attribute magic cannot harm ordinary creatures.

It’s like rock paper scissors.

Holy attributes are strong against dark attributes, and darkness is strong against normal creatures, while ordinary creatures and monsters are not affected by holy attributes.

Being able to use holy attribute thanks to the , I had an advantage against the demon.

is the strongest against demons.

Its MP consumption is low as well.

It deals continuous damage, so I feel I can beat any devil as long as there is enough time.



“Who is it!”

“The academy’s uniform A student from the Kingdom!”


The people in the surroundings became wary because of my sudden appearance.


“Is it because someone from the Kingdom did something to Lord Leviathan so I cannot speak to him!”


When the Priestess said something unnecessary, everyone present glared at me.


“It’s a scoundrel! Someone!”

“Bring the guards and magicians!”


A few people left the room and immediately came back with more soldiers.


“Capture the rioters!”




I released to other humans, but the only ones I could restrain were a few including the Fake Priestess.

It had no effect on other soldiers.

Is only effective to those involved with darkness attribute

There’s no other way, I stopped the others using an ordinary barrier.


“Ku…! Break the barrier! Anything is fine, cast your spells!”


The Levian magician released spells.

I can bear it, but there are many of them.

It’s impossible for me to attack them and suppress them without killing everyone.


“Well, what to do I can’t deal with all of them.”


I became stronger against demons because of my , but in this case, it would be more troublesome to fight against ordinary humans.

Maybe I should escape to Leviathan’s hidden passage to reset the situation


“Ara Why are you troubled We are overwhelmingly at the upper hand.”


While I was troubled, Nadia stopped hiding and came out.


“After all, Leviathan and his Priestess is with you!”


In the face of many enemies, she raised her voice proudly.


“All of you quiet down! Everyone, stop attacking!!”


Nadia stood next to Leviathan.

Leviathan kissed her right hand, and a crystal sword appeared in her hand.

The sword was the same as Leviathan, it was filled with all attributes of mana, shining with rainbow.


“I am Leviathan’s legitimate Priestess.

If you believe in the Dragon God, you shall cease obeying that Fake Priestess to harm the dragon, and lay down your weapons!”


At Nadia’s words, all the soldiers bowed down.

The only ones who don’t obey are those bound by my .

They glared at us, but they couldn’t resist.


“Little girl, the man in the middle, you must kill that thing right away.”


When Leviathan pointed at the demon, Nadia cut him down with the crystal sword.

Its power was tremendous, the demon was annihilated in one blow.



“Why There is no corpse left…”


“The way he disappeared turning into a dark fog is proof that he is someone who was corrupted by darkness mana.

That Mayor made a conspiracy to curse Leviathan.”


Everyone’s eyes widened at my explanation, but they didn’t seem to doubt it.


“I order you to gather the other Priestess candidates before the Fake Priestess was chosen.

Leviathan wishes to re-select the correct Priestess.”


Hearing Nadia’s words, the Levian soldiers took the detained Fake Priestess and left the room.


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