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Worldwide SurvivalBegins As An Island Owner Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Direct Message

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After looking at the flour on the plate, Su Yu quickly finished the instant noodles in the bowl. Then, he drank a mouthful of broth in satisfaction and casually put the bowl aside, letting the two goblins wash it with seawater later.

Then, he took out two energy crystals. Su Yu threw them into the plate and picked up the hammer on the ground.

Bang, bang, bang. Su Yu immediately started smashing with the hammer.

Not long after, the two ordinary energy crystals were smashed into pieces by Su Yu. After looking at the shattered energy crystals on the plate, Su Yu threw the hammer on the ground and started to work on it.


In the end, after Su Yus hard work, 60 sets of fresh ordinary bait appeared on the stage.

“Phew.” Looking at the 60 sets of the ordinary bait on the plate, Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, Su Yu thought of another matter. He could create ordinary baits because he could see the materials used to make the bait. What would ordinary survivors do when they ran out of bait

At this moment, Su Yu naturally didnt want everyone else to die. If that were to happen, he would be the only one in this area. In that case, there would be no point in continuing to develop his island. After all, the more people there were, the richer the items in the trading channel would be.

With this thought in mind, Su Yu clicked on the communication channel to see if anyone was discussing this issue.

After Su Yu went in, he flipped through the chat records and found that there were people talking about this matter. However, nobody had a solution.

After giving it some thought, Su Yu began to compose a message.

“Im purchasing ordinary energy crystals. Those who wish to sell it can send me a picture through DM.” After composing his message, Su Yu chose to pin it at the top. This was the privilege he earned for being ranked first, so it would be a waste not to use it.

At this moment, Su Yus message immediately attracted the attention of many survivors.

“F*ck, the number one big shot has pinned the news.”

“Whats this ordinary energy crystal Whats its use Tell me if theres anything important.”

“Although I dont know what this thing is used for, it must be very rare. If only I had it. No matter what, I have to extort a sum from a big shot on the rankings.”


It had to be said that when Su Yu sent out this message, it immediately led everyone to start guessing.

After all, Su Yu had always occupied the number one position in the islands prosperity points ranking. This meant that the construction of Su Yus island was the best in their region.

“Ding! Regional Island Prosperity Rankings has been updated. The first place remains unchanged, with the second to 100th place added.”

[Prosperity Points Regional Ranking]

First place: [Su Yu] Prosperity Points: 20 points (on the rankings 7:31:25).

Second place: [Zhou Yi] Prosperity Points: 10 points (on the rankings at 00:00:01).

Third place: [Wang Xu] Prosperity Points: 9 – (on the rankings at 00:00:01).

Fourth place: [Ji Qingrou] Prosperity Points: 8 – (on the rankings at 00:00:01)


100th place: [Wang Dachui] Prosperity Value: 1 point (on the rankings 00:00:01).

“Ding! The Daily Prosperity Points Rankings is now posted. Other than the treasure chests, there are also basic rewards. Note: Only the top ten on the rankings will be rewarded with treasure chests.”

The first place could receive 20 ordinary baits per day.

The second place could receive 15 ordinary baits per day.

The third place could receive 10 ordinary baits per day.

The fourth to tenth places could receive 8 ordinary baits per day.

The 11th to 20th places could receive 6 ordinary baits per day.

The 21st to 50th places could receive 4 ordinary baits per day.

The 50th to 100th places could receive 3 ordinary baits per day.

Those beyond the 100th place could receive one ordinary bait per day.

Not long after Su Yu posted his message, a mechanical notification sounded in the ears of all the survivors in the area.

In an instant, the communication channel exploded.

“F*ck, after this f*cking 100th place, well be given only one set of welfare ordinary bait every day. How are we going to live!”

“Day one of being envious of the master on the first rank.”

“F*ck, the first place will be rewarded with 20 sets every day. Thats 20 times more than mine!”

“Everyone, dont be anxious. There must be another way to obtain the bait. Its impossible that this is the only method.”

“Brothers and sisters who are in the top ten, can you tell me how your Prosperity Points increased so quickly!”


“Eh” At this moment, Su Yu, who had just sent his message, could not help but exclaim in surprise.

“So you can get some baits if you are placed on the rankings. However, this method seems to be really difficult.”

After looking at the rankings and rewards on the bright screen, Su Yu fell into deep thought.

The current situation was very clear. The higher ones ranking, the more resources one could have. After the 100th place, it depended on whether one could rush forward or if they were lucky enough to fish up some different items to change their current situation.

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“Survivor Wang Teng has met the requirements you set and would like to DM you. Do you want to accept the DM

Just as Su Yu was deep in thought, a notification for a DM interrupted his train of thought.

“This person has energy crystals.” Su Yu, who had just reacted, immediately chose to accept the DM request.


Su Yu had set a condition to DM him, which was to have energy crystals. Otherwise, he would reject their DM requests.

Otherwise, if just anyone could DM Su Yu, he would be annoyed to death.

This was also a very practical function in the communication channel. As for whether the other party had energy crystals, the system would naturally detect them. Otherwise, how could the trading channel display the name of the items

Su Yu had just agreed to the other partys DM request. As soon as he entered the DM interface, he saw a message from the guy called Wang Teng.

“Boss Su, are you there I have the energy crystal you want. I can trade this with you, but can you tell me what is the use of this thing”

At this moment, Wang Teng, who was on his own island, was staring nervously at the bright screen in front of him.

It was unclear whether Wang Teng was just extremely lucky or what, but Lady Luck seemed to be on his side. He managed to get two energy crystals from the Ordinary wooden treasure chest.

Wang Teng didnt have Su Yus insight skill, he could only see the name of the item through the bright screen. He couldnt see the details of the item.

However, from the star grade of the treasure chests, Wang Teng could tell which items in which treasure chests were more precious.

It was because of this that he didnt put this thing on the trading channel. He didnt know what he should trade it for.




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