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Chapter 28: Wardrobe Change

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Su Ran was determined to have Luo Ying go on stage with her. Xia Lan had no choice but to agree, after consulting the company.

Seeing that they had finally come to an agreement, Luo Ying sneered and put away her phone.

Xia Lan didnt know much about Su Rans plan, so she didnt know what she was up to. However, Luo Ying, who had read the novel and understood Su Rans nature, had a good guess about it.

Su Ran was about to have a rude awakening. Unfortunately, she was Luo Ying, so she would only end up humiliating herself.

She wanted to trample on her to set herself up as the terrifying newcomer Not so soon!

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Luo Ying pushed the door open and went in. She sat down in front of the empty dressing table.

When Luo Ying strode in without even greeting her, Xia Lans expression turned ugly. Frowning, she ordered the staff beside her, “What are you waiting for Shes going on stage soon, so hurry and do her makeup and change her clothes.”

The makeup artist had been arranged by the company. The one in charge of Su Ran was a well-known makeup artist in the industry, who was bound to make her shine on the stage. The one in charge of Luo Ying was an assistant in his team.

When she saw a person approaching her with a cotton pad, Luo Ying evaded them. “No need. Ive found another friend to do my makeup today.”

“Do you know how much resources the company put into their makeup team They set up the red carpet, they arranged the stage. Are you trying to go against the company” Xia Lan was very unhappy and felt that she was deliberately messing with her.

What was going on Although Luo Ying had always been willful and temperamental, she would still listen to the companys arrangements. Why did she become so rebellious now

“Havent I always been like this” Luo Ying flashed her a fake smile.

Xia Lan was stunned. Was she still living in the past At that time, fresh-faced Luo Ying was a new popular celebrity. Her fans paid for her, and she could even make money for the company. But now, what commercial value did Luo Ying have left

Xia Lan stopped herself from complaining. No matter how much she looked down on Luo Ying, she was still an artiste under her company. If something happened to her, she would be the one to take responsibility.

While suppressing the anger in her heart, Xia Lan had no choice but to soften her voice and say, “Theres still half an hour before the stage, and we have to go to the waiting area in advance. We dont have that much time to wait for your friend. Wed better get your makeup done quickly, change our clothes, and wait for orders backstage. Its just a stage performance, you dont have to go through so much trouble.”

At that moment, Luo Yings phone rang. She turned around without sparing Xia Lan a glance.

She got up to open the door and saw Annie with her makeup team.

David was one of the best stylists in the country, and his student, Annie, was also quite famous in the industry, so Xia Lan recognized her at first glance.

Xia Lan looked at Luo Ying in surprise. “The friend you mentioned is Annie”

Although Annie was a girl, she had short hair, thick smokey-eye makeup, a lip piercing, and a leather jacket. She looked cool.

When Xia Lan recognized her, Annie nodded at Xia Lan as a greeting. Then, she looked at Luo Ying and said, “Time is a little tight. Lets get the makeup out of the way first and then get you changed.”

Luo Ying nodded silently. She sat back in front of the dressing table. The team brought by Annie swarmed up and surrounded Luo Ying. Some did her makeup, and some did her hair.

When Su Ran saw this, she pinched her own thigh and took a deep breath. Then, she instructed the makeup artist. “Keep working.”

She kept consoling herself in her heart. She was a capable person, and she did not need to care about people like Luo Ying, who only had her face going for her. This would only lower her level.

The style that David designed for Luo Ying this time produced the image of an ice queen. It changed the previously smokey and mysterious style on the red carpet to one that featured glitter and high contrast to wield the dazzling lights of the stage.

A short black vest outlined her ample chest and framed her thin waist. It was matched with a high-waisted short skirt. On her feet was a pair of asymmetrical, half-tube boots that ended just in the middle of her calves, making her legs look slender and well-proportioned.

After her makeup was done, Annie clapped her hands in satisfaction. Compared to the bright and sexy red dress on the red carpet just now, Luo Ying seemed to have changed completely. She looked sultry and energetic.



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