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One-sided massacre

While Mo Yanqiu and Yiyi were negotiating.

On the other side.

Horton stood on the balcony, silently gazing at the flickering sun in the sky.

He fished out a crumpled cigarette case from his arms, removed half a cigarette from it, and took a puff.

“You seem very nervous.” A middle-aged man with a beard, wearing a tactical vest pushed open the door and walked over.

“I have no idea about that Yiyi,” Horton said.

“Her purpose makes me very suspicious.”

“At least you survived, didn’t you” The middle-aged man shrugged, then leaned over to Horton and said, “By the way, can you tell me the identity of that girl now She came back suddenly without saying a word, and hired us to assemble in this abandoned village as soon as we come back, and her identity has been hidden from me for more than two months.

If you don’t tell me, I will really take my people and withdraw.”

“The eldest lady of the Mo family, Mo Yanqiu.”

By now, Horton didn’t need to hide it from others.

“Mo Yanqiu” This time the middle-aged man was stunned.

“There is still such a number one person in the Mo family Is it an illegitimate daughter”

“No, she is the daughter of the main family, and that Mo Lishang is the illegitimate daughter.

The relationship between them… is very complicated,” Horton thought for a while and said.

“What about her, as long as the money is enough,” The middle-aged man said casually.

“To be honest, if it weren’t for the special circumstances, I wouldn’t have called you, Li Ang.” Horton said, brushing off the ash.

“Clearly, Miss no longer poses a threat to the Mo family.

Why…you must know that we were intercepted by the regular army.

If there was no secret treasury left by Madam overseas, we probably wouldn’t be able to let you come here.”

“Don’t worry, this is Phitia.

People from the Dragon Kingdom can’t come here.” Li Ang said with a smile.

“Hope it is the case…” At this moment, Horton suddenly glanced at the reflected light of an unknown object in the distance.

“Oh no, sniper!” Horton pulled Li Ang down directly, and in the next second, a hole was punched in the wall next to Li Ang.

“Enemy attack! Everyone! Get on high alert!” Li Ang yelled on the walkie-talkie.

Immediately, the mercenaries took their weapons.

However, next, they saw a scene that made them desperate.

Dozens of artillery missiles flew towards this village!

Boom! Boom!

A violent explosion encompassed the village, and the dilapidated adobe houses in the village collapsed one after another, and the mercenaries suffered heavy casualties.

After one round of bombing, a full formation of seven Reapers mixed with armored transports came toward the village.

The mercenaries’ sporadic counterattack was rewarded with relentless enemy firepower suppression.

“It’s over…” Li Ang looked pale as he looked at the rushing armoured troops through the ruins.

“Don’t stop, what about anti-armor weapons”

“We don’t have it!”

“What How come!” Horton looked desperately at the approaching enemy, he could almost see the driver’s face in the bulletproof glass.

At this moment, a string of cannonballs from unknown sources shredded the cockpit directly, and the Reaper lost its balance and fell on the ground..

The battlefield was silent for a moment.

Everyone’s eyes fell to the back of the battlefield.

A platinum-and-white mecha slowly entered the battlefield.

A few wisps of gunpowder smoke slowly dissipated from its rotating rapid-fire muzzle.

It could be seen that the tragic appearance of the reaper just now came from its hands.

“Damn it, the intelligence didn’t say that the enemy has mecha.” The enemy commander scolded the employer’s incompetence, then looked at the mecha on the opposite side, trying to see a clue from it, but soon, he Just gave up – no matter how you look at it, it was a brand new mecha that had never been seen before.

“Boss, what should I do”

“Scatter and surround, fire suppression!”

The commander gritted his teeth and ordered, looking at the “Crossed sceptres” sign on the left shoulder of the mecha.

“Yes!” Hearing this, the mercenaries under him dispersed and surrounded the mecha.

‘Do you want to distract me…’ At this moment, in the cab of the paladin, Mo Yanqiu was controlling the mecha.

At this moment, all the enemies had been identified by her left eye.

Mo Yanqiu sneered and pushed the joystick.

It was a good plan, but…

It was not enough!

Mo Yanqiu manipulated the Paladin’s thrust to directly push it, and immediately Paladin rushed to the remaining six reapers at a very fast speed.

So fast! This was the first thought that came to the pilots of the Reapers.

Damn! This was their next and last thought.

Immediately, Paladin fired directly at them, and the reaper’s weak armour was torn to shreds by the machine gun, and of course no one inside was spared.

In such an instant, the reaper team was completely destroyed!

“Run!” The people in the armoured transport vehicle were so frightened that they completely lost the courage to resist, and hurriedly turned around and ran away, but will Mo Yanqiu let them go The answer was no.

Just like a child playing with a balloon with an air gun, Mo Yanqiu lifted up a few armoured transport vehicles that were torn apart in a short burst of machine guns, and sent them to the west together with the people inside.

In just a few minutes, this one-sided massacre came to an end.


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