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The Sealed Power The Cure The Coming Back (2)

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Anna locked the door of her house and stood up while her eyes were checking every corner of it.

Tarou noticed a tear falling from her eye:

- Whats wrong? Are you regretting coming with us?

- I have been living in this house for seventeen years and I have never imagined myself leaving it and returning to that land.

- This time you will be with us. No one will dare to harm you.

Anna wiped the tear, then she smiled:

- Seeing you again was like a miracle to me. My wish was fulfilled. If we failed to get the cure, please don be sad. I will die peacefully.

Aaron held his mothers hand:

- Don say that, no one will die. Come on, lets go.

Dylan tries to change the subject:

- By the way, how are we going to head back? Are we going to fly? Or Sarra will use her magic to teleport us?

- First, We will take the train to the nearest place from the land, then we will use our power to get through the snow.

- Alright...lets go.

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