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9 Two Big Things

At Harris residence, Madam Harris fainted from anger when she heard the news.

When she woke up, the first thing she wanted to do was to immediately request for Louis and Cynthia to cancel their engagement. But after thinking about it, she realized that Louis didnt have any outstanding qualities. If the Harris Group still wanted to enter the automobile industry in the future, they would have to rely on the Carter Group, so this matter was temporarily put aside.

At this moment, in Tommys office, Sharon learned about everything that had just happened and admired Tommys ability to handle things.

“Im afraid many companies are trying to poach someone like you!” Sharon looked at Tommy with a smile. “I like your style of doing things. From today onward, you can come to me directly if you need anything. Ill do my best to satisfy your needs.”

“Thank you, CEO Sharon,” Tommy said indifferently. He needed some time to understand this newly appointed CEO.

“Also, you have to help me do two more things,” Sharon nodded and said.

“Please go ahead, CEO.”

“First, announce the appointment of the Sullivan Groups new CEO, but dont reveal my identity. Just make a mention that my last name is Charlotte.”

At first, Sharon was still debating whether to use the surnameXavier or not, but when she thought about how her mother hadnt changed her surname even until her death, she also had to consider whether she should accept this surname.

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“The second thing is that our company will invest two billion dollars on the ground floor to build a national gymnasium. We will start the bidding at the same time, so any construction company in the city can participate in the bidding.”

Since Wallace wants to start a construction project, Ill go with the flow. Madam Harris dreams of collaboration with the Sullivan Group and for it to become the backer of the Harris Group. If Wallace succeeds, he will definitely secure his position within the Harris family, and those who want to harm him will naturally desist. Now that the Sullivan Group is mine, I have to include my husband in some serious planning.

As soon as the two pieces of news were released, the entire New York exploded with discussion.

Madam Harris only understood what had happened when she heard that the Sullivan Group had changed its CEO. Its no wonder that the Carter Group was kicked out of the partnership list by them. It seems that the new CEO is young and impetuous and doesnt think highly of small companies like the Carter Group.

However, who is the CEO She is so generous to have bought a billion-dollar company just like that. Even the richest man wouldnt do that, but is there anyone with this last name on the list of the wealthiest If my precious grandson can win the other partys favor... Madam Harris instantly became excited. It seemed like she was going to put the divorce on her agenda for the day.

At that moment, the entire city was in an uproar. Everyone was looking forward to having a collaboration with this mysterious CEO or hoping that their son would catch her eye and have a chance to marry her.

Other than that, the Sullivan Groups project bidding shocked the entire construction industry. Everyone was eager to be selected so that they could achieve a breakthrough in their career.

Moreover, the national gymnasium was worth two billion dollars. Just a portion of it would be a considerable income.

All the companies were getting restless. The big companies were working hard to prepare the bidding materials, while the small companies were working together to carry out the bidding activities.

Madam Harris naturally couldnt give up on such an opportunity. She had to make use of this opportunity to make the Harris Group earn a fortune, so how could she not seize such an excellent opportunity

If the Harris Group won the bid, their lives would be much easier.

That night, Madam Harris immediately instructed everyone to be present for a family meeting at home. They had to make new breakthroughs in their business, so everyone had to be present-including Sharon!

Glancing at the time, Sharon went home anxiously. If she were any slower, she would be late.

She knew that Madam Harris was going to say something about how to make Wallace benefit from the Sullivan Groups construction project, so she wanted to use this opportunity to help her husband.

She didnt expect to hear Nicoles laughter as soon as she stepped into the room, who said mockingly, “Oh my, Sister-in-law is really busy! However, I admire you too. I didnt expect you to be so thick-skinned that you even made Grandma unhappy. Plus, youre a housewife. Why are you late”

“What nonsense are you talking about Grandma asked the entire Harris family to be present. Sharon is my wife-your sister-in-law-so, of course, shes from the Harris family.” Wallace frowned and glared at Nicole coldly. “Third Uncle and Third Aunt didnt pay much attention to you when you were young, so they neglected your education, and you learned to talk nonsense.”



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