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8 Difficult Situation

Cynthia saw the serious attitude of the secretary in front of her and raised her voice in disbelief. “You did it on purpose, didnt you Whats your relationship with that wretched girl, Sharon! Are you her lover I told you that my father and your CEO Lucas are good friends, and weve already agreed before that this collaboration is inevitable. If Tommy doesnt want to be dismissed by the board of directors, he has to come out and see me obediently. What right does he have to say that he doesnt want to cooperate”

The secretary raised her eyebrows and looked at Cynthia as if she were a crazy woman. She then turned to the cleaning lady beside her and said, “You can use your method to chase them out.”

The cleaning lady obediently picked up the mop and muttered, “This is the mop I usually use to clean the bathroom. Its not good for it to touch anyone.”

The mop subconsciously brushed against Cynthias feet, and she cried out in surprise.

The secretary said in satisfaction, “Okay, hurry up and get out. If youre still unwilling to leave, we, the Sullivan Group, will add a penalty clause after the official statement.”

Cynthia acted as if she didnt hear anything and roared crazily, “How dare you, a toilet cleaner, treat me like this Do you know who I am Are you crazy”

As she spoke, she kicked the cleaning lady in the stomach. Then, she grabbed the latters hair and slapped her twice. “Lowly thing, who allowed you to touch me!”

Cynthia attacked the cleaning auntie as if she had gone mad.

Tommys secretary grabbed Cynthias raised hand and slapped her. She said in a low voice, “In front of the Sullivan Group, who do you think you are Who are you to attack people here”

Cynthia didnt expect to suddenly be slapped, and her face was burning with pain. She couldnt take it anymore and was about to fly into a rage when her phone rang.

Cynthia didnt expect her father to call her at this time. Just as she was about to complain about her grievances, anger came from the other end of the line. “You money-losing fool! Why did you create trouble for me Why did the Sullivan Group suddenly announce that they wouldnt work with us Who did you offend!”

“I didnt.” Cynthia felt wronged and sounded like she was crying. “I came to see Mr. Tommy today, but I didnt see him in person...”

“The people from the Sullivan Group said that they gave up on collaborating with us because you have a poor character and that you even offended a big shot. Now that the Carter Group has suffered heavy losses because of you, get your ass back here immediately! Why did I not let your younger brother go instead Youve ruined our familys reputation.”

After speaking, there was a burst of silence on the other end of the phone. This was what Cynthia was most afraid of-she had actually disappointed her father.

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Being chased out by the cleaning auntie and secretary, Cynthias eyes were full of tears, and her makeup was half-ruined.

“Miss, could it be that useless sister-in-law of yours Could she be related to Sullivans upper management” Cynthias secretary couldnt help but ask. That woman was so calm just now, so she must have some trump card. Otherwise, how could she be so calm

Cynthia suddenly stopped when she heard this. Then, she carefully thought about what the man had said.

What happened today was really too strange, so Cynthia couldnt help but think of Sharon. However, that woman is a useless piece of trash!

At the thought of this, she took a few deep breaths in. “Thats impossible. That kind of person doesnt even have the right to clean the toilet.”

Cynthia returned to the car and remembered her fathers anger. She could only sit there dejectedly.

It was because she was a girl that her father didnt approve of her. She didnt expect that something like this would happen now. She reckoned that her situation in the Carter Group would be even more difficult in the future. If the Harris Group receives news of this, I might not have a place in the family anymore.

“Turn around. Lets head home.”

The moment the Sullivan Group released the news, the entire New York was in an uproar. The Carter Group had actually been kicked out of the partnership by Sullivan.

Although they didnt know the reason, everyone knew very well that since they offended the Sullivan Group in New York, the Carter Group was doomed.

All of a sudden, those who had collaborated with the Carter Group withdrew their investments. The Carter Group-which had been on the verge of becoming a first-tier company-fell from their pedestal and ended up at the bottom rankings of a second-tier company.



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