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Chapter 6: Hidden Identity

After Cynthia said that, she seemed to have thought of something. Then, she took out the plastic bottle from the man behind her and threw it at Sharons feet, the smile on her face bone-piercing cold. “Why dont you pick up the trash Maybe you can get a good profit too.”

Seeing that Cynthia didnt have a good attitude toward the woman in front of him, the mans expression changed instantly. “Although youre a good-for-nothing, seeing that youre related to our mistress, Ill put in a good word for you later. After all, I have some ties with the president of the Sullivan Group. If you kneel down and kiss our mistresss feet, I might say something nice and let him arrange a cleaning job for you.”

Sharons face was expressionless as she said, “If you really want to work with the Sullivan Group, you had better lose that attitude. Otherwise, Im afraid the Sullivan Group wont cooperate with people of your quality.”

On Cynthias gorgeous face, her facial features instantly shifted. She raised her eyebrows and stared at her with a fierce look. “What do you mean You actually dare to say that I have no manners Do you know what my family does When my father casually gives a greeting, there will be no place for you in New York.”

“Do as you wish, if you can really do it.” Sharons tone was calm. After saying that, she couldnt be bothered with Cynthia anymore and strode toward the Sullivan Groups door.

“B*tch! Stop right there!” Cynthia was a little shocked. Didnt they say that Sharon has always been submissive Why does she suddenly seem like a different person today!

Cynthia was quick to stop Sharon just as the latter was about to pass through the door. She really wanted to give Sharon two tight slaps to let her know the difference in their status, but they were at the entrance of the Sullivan Group. If someone saw them, it would indeed affect her reputation.

After the collaboration ends, I will have plenty of time to teach this woman a lesson. Thinking of this, Cynthia gritted her teeth and said, “Consider yourself lucky today. When we get home, Ill teach you a lesson.”

Sharon ignored Cynthia and walked straight into the Sullivan building. When she got on the elevator, she said coldly to the latter, “Dont think that your family is so great just because you have some money. If you speak without thinking, I will make you pay for your arrogance.”

“This woman...” Cynthias secretary rushed toward Sharon.

Without warning, Cynthia stopped him and raised her chin. “Alright, why lower yourself to the level of this country bumpkin Dont take the same elevator as this poor woman, lest you get tainted by her smell.”

Turning around, Cynthia stared at Sharon. “I have plenty of time and energy to teach you a lesson. When we get home, Ill definitely teach you a lesson!”

Sharon didnt want to waste any more time. She closed the elevator door and went straight to the top floor, where the presidents office was.

John-who was in charge of the handover-was already waiting for her, along with her predecessor, Tommy.

Tommy was very famous in New York as he was the youngest president of the company. Not only was he handsome, but he was also very good at learning. He had two masters degrees and was also the first president to be approved by the board of directors. He was the reason the Sullivan Group was able to achieve what they had today.

Now that the Sullivan Group had been acquired by the Xavier Group, she had a lot of shares in her hands. Tommy had also made preparations to report to the new CEO.

Tommy was a little surprised when she first saw Sharon; he didnt expect that the lady Uncle John mentioned was actually so young. She looked even younger than him.

“Miss, this way, please.” Very quickly, he restrained his strange expression and bowed respectfully.

It was also Sharons first time meeting Tommy, and she had to admit that this man was really good-looking.

Tommy was dressed in a flashy purple suit, but he looked cold and elegant. There was also a seductive look in his eyes. He probably had a good figure because he had been exercising for a long time, and there was an air of nobility and experience around him.

Sharon sat in the CEOs seat. Although she hadnt been in contact with work for a long time, it didnt mean that she didnt know how to work. In addition, her family hadnt completely settled the issue yet.

She thought for a while before saying, “I might not often appear in the company in the future, so I still need you to manage it. Also, dont reveal my identity for now.

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Tommy nodded. He knew that with the Xavier Groups strength, they would naturally have a lot of enemies. In addition, the Xavier Group had a lot of businesses, so Sharon would definitely be very busy. Among them, the Sullivan Group was just a small existence to her family, so it was understandable that she didnt want to spend too much effort on this.

“Okay. If you need anything in the future, just let me know.”

At this moment, a male secretary knocked on the door and said anxiously, “Mr. Tommy, a lady named Cynthia has brought her secretary to see you. Do you have time now”


Sharon remembered what Cynthia had just said to her.

Shes Got ta be pretty anxious to be with the Sullivan Group right now, right

The corners of Sharons mouth curl: Cynthia had no idea that the company she was trying so hard to work with was hers.

Well, take your time. The shows about to start.



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