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28 Victory Medal

“Wallace, how can you talk to your mother like that!” James saw that his wifes expression wasnt right and was instantly unhappy. He slammed his chopsticks down.

What he hated the most was Wallace fighting with his family for Shuran.

Weve spent so much effort to nurture such an outstanding talent. We definitely cant lose it to such a woman.

After breakfast, Shuran felt her stomach ache, so she stood up helplessly. “Sorry, Im full.”

Shuran got up and walked out, completely ignoring Junes angry roar behind her.

At the thought of attending the banquet, Shuran still felt that she had to prepare a gift. When she had no money in the past, she would do her best to give Madam Harris the best gift she could. However, the latter didnt like her gift.

Now that Im rich, it would be good for me to have a more comfortable life in the Harris family. I can buy something that they think isworthy. With this thought in mind, Shuran walked into the antique store that she almost never dabbled in before.

BDA was the most famous antique shop in New York. Their products ranged from an old blanket used by Bloody Mary to a Victorian-era dress. As long as one had money, they could find anything here.

Shuran wanted to give her husband a present during the inauguration ceremony. She knew Wallace very well, so she knew that he liked collecting medals. That was why she wanted to come here to see if there was anything worth collecting.

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When the antique shopkeeper saw that Shuran was dressed simply, he pointed to the left. “The products over there are all modern imitations.”

Shuran ignored him and started walking around in the store. Finally, she saw a Soviet Victory Medal in a revolving glass cabinet. The introduction said that there were a total of 156 diamonds on the medal, and its historical value wasnt low either.

She took a look at the price of six million dollars. If it were in the past, she definitely wouldnt consider this small object. But now, it was just a small sum of money to her.

“Hello, can you sell this medal to me” Shuran waved at the antique shopkeeper.

The other party glanced at Shuran again. “The items in the glass display case are all very valuable. The key isnt in our hands, so you need to apply for VIP before the manager can open the cabinet.”

“Then, please help me apply for VIP and call your manager.”

An impatient look appeared on the antique shopkeepers face. “If you want to apply for VIP, you have to spend two million dollars in our shop first. Do you have a spending record”

Shuran shook her head and then pointed to a gemstone necklace at the side. “Wrap this up for me then. Is this worth two million dollars”

“Country bumpkin, cant you tell that this is top-grade emerald This necklace costs more than four million dollars. You dare to come to this area without knowing anything. Stop wasting time and leave quickly!”

Seeing the other partys impatient attitude, Shuran frowned slightly.

At this moment, a woman suddenly pushed open the door. “Why are you arguing What service does this guest need”

“Manager, this person wants to buy ourVictory Medal.'” The antique shopkeepers tone was full of sarcasm.

The gorgeous woman followed his gaze and saw Shuran. Her name was Winnie, and she was the manager in charge of rare antiques.

“I thought it was a distinguished guest. Next time, dont introduce such a person to this section.” Winnie looked Shuran up and down as if she were looking at a fly. From time to time, she even showed a pitiful expression. How can a woman who doesnt have any sense of wealth or nobility be able to afford such things

“Do you know what era thisVictory Medal was from Let me tell you! Just this tiny 72mm diamond is enough for you not to work for the rest of your life! There are a total of 16 one-carat diamonds and 25 one-carat top-grade rubies on it. You can see that they are all made of gold and platinum. Furthermore, there are only 20 such medals in the world, and 17 of them are missing. One is with us, and the remaining two are with the two old generals! If someone like you wants to buy them, you should take a look and see if you are worthy!” After saying this, Winnie looked at the antique shopkeeper beside her. “I really dont understand. Why are you wasting your time on such a person”

“Manager, this lady said she wanted to buy it.”

“Didnt I teach you how to read people when I was training you How can a woman like her afford something so expensive If you introduce her to this section, would you be able to afford it if anything is lost”

Winnie thought that she was superior to others and that she was very good at judging people. Hence, she could tell at a glance what kind of person Shuran was and how much purchasing power she had.

In my opinion, she would have to consider for a long time even for a 6,000-dollar piece of jewelry, not to mention a six-million-dollar medal. If I were to waste my time with such a person, I would definitely be crazy!



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