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27 Wanting a Child

Sharon finished tidying up the room and turned off the lights. For some reason, she didnt want to sleep at all today-or rather, she couldnt sleep at all. At the thought of Wallace and Crystal being in a room together and that they might even be having s*x, Sharon couldnt help but feel a little nauseous.

She walked to the small window in the study and took a few deep breaths. It doesnt matter-I really dont care! I dont care which woman Wallace is having s*x with; it has nothing to do with her. After all, we are husband and wife in name only. If not for my sudden appearance, he wouldve already married Crystal.

The wind blew, but Sharon still felt uneasy. Since she couldnt sleep, she decided to go downstairs and get a glass of water.

“Yeah... Yeah... gently.”

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When Sharon passed by Wallaces room, her body froze and almost went limp. Why are they so loud when they do such things Do they want everyone to know

“Ah... Wallace!” The piercing sound came again.

Sharon clenched her fists, her pretty face pale. She wanted to knock on the door and ask them what they were thinking. But for some reason, she couldnt move at all.

Sharon, oh, Sharon, youre really useless. Why did you have to find trouble in the middle of the night and listen to others doing such a private thing Do you even have any shame Although that was what she thought, Sharon didnt notice that her nails had sunk into her flesh. She bit her lip hard, and her eyes turned red unconsciously.

Separated by a door, Crystal turned the volume of the p*rnographic film to the maximum. Her face was dark, and she couldnt figure out what that b*stard Wallace was up to. I, a gorgeous woman, am here. The b*stard actually said he had something to do at night and went straight to the office, but how could I let go of such an opportunity so easily! My main goal now is to think of a way to get Sharon and Wallace to divorce. After all, Wallace and the Sullivan Group already have a partnership, and his future is bright. Thus, Im very willing to help him as his wife.

Sharon-who was outside-had returned to her room. She was in a daze. Wallace has probably forgotten that our wedding anniversary is in two days.

In the past few years, although they didnt have a married life, Wallace would give her a present every year on their wedding anniversary.

She had wanted to celebrate their wedding anniversary with him, but she didnt expect Wallace to do something like this.

With a pair of dark circles under her eyes, Sharon looked at the servants tidying up the messy bed early in the morning. It was obvious that there was a huge battle last night.

Sharon smiled bitterly and went downstairs to have breakfast.

There were already sounds of laughter coming from the dining table. Crystals voice was as gentle as ever. “Auntie, the dress youre wearing now is new, right My mom likes this brand too. Her friend went to buy a dress similar to yours, but it looks very ordinary on her. Its completely different from Aunties elegant and wealthy aura.”

When June heard this, she couldnt stop smiling. “Oh, I thought that this color was too flashy and didnt suit me. Now that youve said that, Im relieved.”

Sharon sat down quietly and picked up her chopsticks.

Wallace rushed back early in the morning to get the documents. Before he could say anything, he was dragged to have breakfast.

Looking at Sharons dark eyes and red eyes, he felt a little strange. Did she not sleep well last night

“Wallace, youve worked hard. Have some of this.” Crystal smiled as she picked up some food for Wallace.

June sneered. “A woman with no family background and wealth, yet she still doesnt have a child. What is she doing in someone elses house”

Sharon continued eating her breakfast as if she hadnt heard her mother-in-law.

“Crystal, you must work hard to give me a grandchild this year!” June hated seeing Sharon like this the most. The latter was as soft as cotton, but she didnt know how to evoke this womans shame!

“Mom, what are you talking about” Wallace said unhappily. “Why are you saying all this Sharon is still here! Im not divorced yet, so its really unethical of you to say this.”

“How could you say that about your mother” June was in disbelief. Doesnt he dislike Sharon Since Sharon cant give birth, he should quickly get a divorce and find someone else. Why waste so much time Ive already tried forcing them to get a divorce, but this brat doesnt listen at all and has even come to refute me now.



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