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24 Crystal Stays Over

However, Madam Harris knew very well that those senior executives who supported Zachary didnt do any real work apart from forming cliques and organizing office politics. The parasites of such companies would be eliminated sooner or later.

Moreover, the core members of the Harris Group were all young people. Young people were more used to Wallaces style of doing things; they all admired and trusted him.

If Zachary takes over the company at this time, it will definitely cause a huge commotion...

“Mom, you dont have to worry about certain things.” Zachary was loved by Madam Harris because he knew her too well. He knew what she was thinking and could read her actions well.

“Young people these days are asking for as high a salary as they can. If they are unsatisfied, they will leave. The Harris Group is now a golden brand. Every year, many young people try their best to get in, and there are many who are willing to work here.”

Madam Harris frowned. Her desire to make Wallace the CEO had diminished significantly. I know that Crystal likes Wallace, and those two are childhood sweethearts who have grown up together. During my birthday, Crystal even gave me a piece of land. If thats the case, it would explain why Wallace could get the two-billion-dollar project.

“Plus, Wallaces architectural department is just for show. Young people these days only like the things he designed because they want something new. Look at people our age-who would like to live in that kind of place And what kind of a smart home is he working on Its so cheap, and it is capital intensive. Those Internet-of-Things houses are nothing compared to what the Harris Group is good at building.”

Hearing this, Madam Harris was completely shaken, and she nodded. Back then, June found a matrilocal son-in-law just to get a share of the Harris Group. If she wasnt pregnant with Wallace, she probably wouldnt have gotten the share that easily. If thats the case, I might have to think of a way to retain my position as CEO.

This matter was entirely out of Madam Harriss selfishness. She really didnt like June! Part of it was because June was the eldest daughter, so she wasnt qualified to inherit the Harris Group.

It was only when Mr. Harris passed away that she became the leader of the company. Therefore, she didnt want Junes status and power to continue growing in the Harris Corporation.

We have to restrain my eldest daughters family in order to ensure the stability of the Harris Groups assets. My second son and third sons families are harmonious, and they wont let the Harris Groups assets benefit outsiders. At this thought, Madam Harris made up her mind. She looked at Zachary and said calmly, “Zachary, you have to listen to me in the company in the future. Take your time to stabilize your collaboration with Sullivan. Ill think of a way to settle the rest.”

“Mom, dont you know whos on your side Big Sister is married to an outsider, and Third Brothers mind isnt on the business. Dont worry. Louis and I will always be on your side!”

“Okay.” Madam Harris nodded in relief. “At tomorrows banquet, I will appoint Wallace as the new CEO in front of everyone, and you will be the project director. You will also be fully responsible for the collaboration with Sullivan.”

Zachary was overjoyed when he heard this. He didnt expect such a good thing to happen.

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At first glance, it seemed like he was doing this for Wallace. But in fact, his position indirectly took over the position of CEO. All the projects had to go through him.

However, Zachary didnt dare to be too complacent. With Madam Harriss character, if she had any doubts about him, she might not put him in an important position in the future.

“Mom, dont worry. Everything that I have today is all thanks to you, so everything of me is also yours.” Zachary promised the old lady with confidence, but he was secretly thinking about how the entire Harris Groups assets would fall into his hands once she died. At that time, nobody would be able to stop him from doing anything he wanted.

Back at home, Sharon was helping out in the kitchen. Tomorrow, our familys fate will change, and I will finally be able to welcome a change in my marriage life.

Seeing the smile on Sharons face, June couldnt help but say, “Your husband has already gone out for afternoon tea with another woman. All you know to do is tend to the stove at home. Its really my biggest mistake not letting you guys get a divorce this time! If Crystal becomes my daughter-in-law, there would be nothing for me to worry about. Look at you-poor and useless, a piece of trash. Get out! I feel annoyed just looking at you. You can stay wherever you want. Crystal is coming to stay over tonight, so you better not appear and be an eyesore!”



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