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23 Harris Groups Distribution

Everyone present criticized Sharon for not knowing the decorum and insulting Sullivans CEO, but Sharon didnt defend herself. Since Im the target of everyones hate, I should leave as soon as possible. Otherwise, I would make everyone unhappy.

After the meeting ended, Wallace called Tommy. “Hello, President Tommy.”

“Hello, Wallace. Are there any problems with the contract”

“Ive read the contract, and theres no problem with it, but theres something I need your help with.” Wallace only wanted to complete the task that his grandmother gave him. Seeing that Tommy didnt seem to have any objections, he continued, “I want to ask if the CEO of your company is free tomorrow. Because weve reached an agreement with Sullivan, our family wants to hold a small banquet. Of course, its just a family banquet. I hope you can attend it with the CEO.”

Tommy was silent for a while before he replied, “I understand. Ill take a look at the CEOs schedule and give you an answer in ten minutes.”

After saying that, he hung up directly.

Wallace anxiously waited for Tommy to get back to him.

On the way home, Sharons phone rang. When she saw the caller ID, she guessed what had happened. “Dont worry; Ill be there. Youll have to make a trip there too.”

After getting Sharons confirmation, Tommy gave the news to Wallace.

Tommys voice came from the phone, and Wallace turned on the speaker. “Wallace, she will be coming. Shell go over directly.”

“Really Thats great! Thank you, Mr. Tommy!” Just as Wallace was about to say something, Madam Harris came up excitedly. She didnt expect such a joyous event to happen so easily just as the Harris Group needed help the most.

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After hanging up the phone, Madam Harris said to all the members of the Harris family, “Go and prepare the best dishes and drinks. Invite the best bands in New York. In addition, inform all the big companies in New York and invite them to attend. Also, make sure that they know the Sullivan Groups CEO will be present! The invitation letter must be made with real gold and crystals.”

With Madam Harriss order, the Harris family entered a busy period.

The moment this piece of news was released, the entire New York was shocked. It seems like the situation in New York is about to change. Sullivans new CEO will actually be appearing at the Harris familys banquet!

The Harris family members phones were exploding with calls.

Madam Harriss proud expression couldnt be concealed. It seems like the Harris family will soon become the most prominent family in the country.

The younger generation went to work. Madam Harris returned to her office and sat down for less than five minutes before she called Zachary back.

“Mom, are you really going to give the position of CEO to that kid” Upon entering the room, Zachary couldnt help but speak up.

Madam Harris frowned and said coldly, “Its all because of you guys being disappointing. Plus, I promised Wallace that I would give it to him.”

Zachary shook his head, his tone filled with determination. “Mom, that wont do. You cant let him be the CEO!”

“If he only got back a few million dollars share of the project, I would have a way. However, this kid got the two-billion-dollar project directly. Hes the major contributor to the company. If we dont give him a reward, Im afraid the people in the company wont be convinced.”

Hearing Madam Harriss words, Zachary made up his mind. His tone was filled with hatred. “He got the contract so easily because Sullivan wanted to collaborate with the Harris Group in the first place. In addition, Crystal is here today. It must be because the York Group is helping him!”

“I heard that he spent an entire night with Crystal yesterday. Isnt the gambling king famous too In my opinion, he mustve borrowed the power of the York Group to get the contract! If thats really the case, after he gets the position, we would definitely have to collaborate with the York Group. At that time, if we want to become the richest in New York...”

Madam Harris looked displeased. “Is that so”

“Of course, its true. Although the York Group didnt express their support on the surface, Big Sister has been secretly trying to matchmake Crystal and Wallace. I think we need to think this over...”

Hearing her sons argument, Madam Harris fell into deep thought. She knew her daughter too well. She is so ambitious that nobody can underestimate her. If Im not careful, the Harris Group will fall into her hands, and things will become difficult!



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