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22 Like Her

Seeing the change in Madam Harriss expression, June immediately understood her mothers thoughts. Ever since I was young, hasnt Mother been biased enough She has probably already thought about what she would do if Wallace wasnt under her control in the future or if Zachary and the rest were chased out!

Madam Harris really wanted to take back her promise. After all, she was only using the position of CEO as bait.

It was understandable if she wanted to take it back. However, she couldnt say this right after Wallace got the contract, so she pondered for a moment and said, “Do I need you to remind me Tomorrow night, our family will hold a grand banquet. I will invite famous celebrities from New York to participate. When the time comes, I will publicly announce that we will be collaborating with the Sullivan Group and taking on the entire project. At that time, I will officially announce the identity of the new CEO.”

With that, Sharon nodded in satisfaction.

Wallace felt a warm current rush into his brain. This moment is finally here. It will be easier for me to implement new policies in the Harris Group in the future. Otherwise, in its current state, the Harris Group will sooner or later be emptied by those veterans who are always engaged in politics.

“Other than that-Wallace, Grandma has something important to tell you!” Madam Harris suddenly thought of something and quickly walked up to her eldest grandson. “I hope you can contact the Sullivan Groups CEO and invite her to the banquet tomorrow.”

Thereafter, the old lady stared at Wallace expectantly, as if she were very confident in him. “If that person is willing to attend our banquet, it will be a great thing for the Harris Group. Perhaps our companys stock price will rise as well.”

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However, Wallace frowned and replied with some doubt, “I only saw Sullivans Mr. Tommy today, and I didnt see the CEO at all. Also, we just came to an agreement today, so wouldnt it be inappropriate to use Sullivans name for our own gain”

“It doesnt matter! The Harris Group is now tied together with the Sullivan Group. From now on, the Harris Group will be on the same level as them. We have a powerful backer now.” Madam Harris spoke proudly as if no other company could shake their position within New York.

“Even if their CEO doesnt want to come over, you can invite Tommy over. After all, hes Sullivans second-in-command. We would still be very proud if he were there.” Seeing her son in a difficult position, June quickly spoke up. Mom thinks Sullivans CEO is very close to my son and that she could be at his beck and call. That is too much!

“Thats right! If we can invite Tommy over, thats fine too.” Madam Harris was completely immersed in her joy. In the future, the Harris familys future prospects will be bright. If the younger generation works hard, the Harris Group might even be able to rise up to become a big conglomerate! This means that the Harris Group is going to prosper under my control.

“If thats the case, Ill consider it.” Wallace nodded, and there was some hesitation in his tone.

“What are you thinking about You must do it!” Madam Harris patted her grandsons shoulder as if she wanted to give him some confidence.

What if Tommy doesnt want to come Wallace remembered the other partys attitude toward him at the company. He couldnt figure it out and wasnt sure if he would really come. After the family meeting, I will have to give him a call first.

Sharons gaze fell on Madam Harriss face. She wanted to hold a banquet to show off the Harris Groups power. She wanted to take this opportunity to announce that Wallace was the new CEO. She wanted to support her husband in this, but she didnt want to reveal her identity, so she still needed Tommy to be present.

“As for the CEO, Im afraid theres only a chance if she wants to see us. Otherwise, we wont be able to get close to such a big shot.”

June laughed when she heard that. “Thats right; the CEO must be busy every day. I heard that Miss Charlotte is also a powerful person. Shes not like some people who stay at home every day and cant even cook or wash their clothes properly.”

Sharon seemed to know that her mother-in-law was talking about her. “Maybe shes like me, staying at home every day...”

The Harris family glanced at her. They had never seen such a shameless woman before.

“Hmph, how is that possible Look at her status. How dare she compare someone like that to herself shamelessly”



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