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21 President

Nicole stood there and looked at Zachary and Louis for help, but the two of them turned their heads away unnaturally. At this moment, everyone knew that they couldnt afford to lose the old ladys favor for the sake of Nicole, nor could they offend Wallace.

“I...” Feeling everyones cold gazes, Nicole stuttered and looked at Crystal. Since Crystal is so kind, she would definitely be willing to help me. As long as Crystal asks, Wallace will never speak to that woman again.

Nicole could only place her last hope on Crystal, but she didnt expect the latter to just be quietly drinking tea and completely ignoring her situation.

“Nicole, have you thought it through Do you want to kowtow and admit your wrongdoings, or do you want to make your curse come true on Grandma” Every word Sharon said sounded like a devils voice in Nicoles ears.

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If I abide by the bet today, I will only lose a little dignity. But if I dont abide by the bet today, Grandma might not love me as much as before. If I have to weigh the pros and cons, I would rather lose my dignity. At the thought of this, she immediately kneeled down without any hesitation. When she met Sharons face, Nicole felt like vomiting.

Under everyones gazes, Nicoles body trembled as she prostrated at Sharons feet.

Zachary secretly took out his phone and captured this scene.

“I was wrong. I shouldnt have spouted nonsense.” Nicoles voice trembled. I will definitely return todays humiliation to Sharon a thousand-fold over.

“Apologize louder and more sincerely. I didnt hear what you just said.”

Nicole lowered her head, bent down, and lightly kowtowed. She held back her tears of humiliation and shouted, “Im sorry. I was wrong!”

“Then, what did you do wrong” Sharon looked at Nicole, who was in front of her. Even though the latter was apologizing, there was no regret in her eyes. Instead, there was anger and hatred.

Nicole gritted her teeth. “I was wrong to doubt Big Brothers ability... I shouldnt have bet on him failing...”

Its no wonder that the Harris family likes to verbally abuse me. To a certain extent, treating other people in this manner makes me feel good. However, I dont want to be like the Harris family! I wont bully others like this! When Nicole reluctantly wanted to kowtow a second time, Sharon stopped her. “Since you know youre in the wrong, pay more attention to what you say next time.”

On the surface, this sentence was meant for Nicole to hear, but Sharons voice was very loud as if she were warning everyone who mocked her.

Wallace was a little surprised, suddenly feeling that his wife was different from before. However, he couldnt specifically pinpoint what was different about her. Recently, her behavior has been abnormal. Previously, she encouraged me to engage in collaboration talks with Sullivan and kept saying that she believed in me. At that time, I felt that it was strange. It was as if Sharon had already known that I would succeed. Where did she get the confidence from

After being helped up by Sharon, Nicoles tears finally fell uncontrollably. But she didnt dare to say anything else, afraid that she would say something wrong and make Madam Harris unhappy again.

Crystal looked at the surrounding atmosphere. It seems that its time.

She quickly walked to Nicoles side and brought her to a seat to rest.

“Since Sharon doesnt mind anymore, lets end this matter here! Nicole knows she did wrong.” Crystal looked at Madam Harris.

Madam Harris nodded and felt a little better. She actually didnt want her granddaughter to apologize and kowtow to Sharon, but Wallace didnt look happy either, and this bet was also related to her life.

“This time, Im teaching you a lesson. In the future, for matters that you cant handle, dont provoke others. Even if you want to make a bet, dont implicate your family.” Sharon educated Nicole, but the latter buried her head in Crystals arms.

“Grandma, Nicole knows shes in the wrong. Shell never do something like this again; just forgive her this once.” At this moment, Crystal stood up and pretended to be a good person. She comforted Nicole and also won Madam Harriss favor.

Her words undoubtedly gave the old lady a way out. “Today is the day Wallace got this contract. Lets hurry up and pack up. Lets celebrate our collaboration with Sullivan!”

Sharon-who was completely ignored-suddenly said, “Grandma, since Wallace has successfully negotiated the project, can we give him the position of Harris Group CEO”

Hearing this, Madam Harris raised her eyebrows, and her heart skipped a beat!

I did indeed say that before, but Wallace is a junior after all, and he is my eldest daughters child. If possible, I still want to hand over the family business to Zachary. Thinking of this, she started to ponder again.



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