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20 She Is Family

“Yeah, it seems like because the project isnt related to a casino... So Sullivan doesnt really want to work with the York Group on this.” Crystal sat obediently beside June.

Wallace had already made it very clear that if she continued to keep up a pretense, it would be even more awkward if she asked for a collaboration later on.

Upon hearing Wallaces words, Zachary and Louis felt terrible. What were we thinking back then Although the Harris Group cant compare to the Sullivan Group, it is still considered one of the richest companies in New York. It isnt impossible for Sullivan to investigate us secretly.

No wonder Wallace could get the contract so easily; it turned out that Sullivan already had a good impression of the Harris Group. Wouldnt that mean that anyone who went wouldve clinched the deal We really did miss an excellent opportunity. I hope that Madam Harris wont really give half of Harris Group to Wallace, or else our future will be tough.

At this moment, Sharon walked up to Nicole. “Nicole, do you still remember our bet”

Nicoles expression suddenly changed, and she looked at the other party viciously. How could I forget about the bet If Wallace didnt get Sullivans collaboration on his own, then Sharon and Wallace would have to divorce. She would also have to kowtow to me three times in front of everyone. Otherwise, I would have to kowtow to Sharon.

Now that Wallace has gotten the contract, doesnt that mean I lost Impossible! Absolutely impossible! Im the granddaughter of the Harris family. How could I kowtow to a sl*t like Sharon At the thought of this, Nicole raised her chin high and said arrogantly, “Sharon, dont you know who you are Our family provides you with food and clothes, and you werent any help at all. You still want me to kowtow to you Are you daydreaming”

Sharon looked at her matter-of-fact expression. “Youre not going back on your word, are you I didnt expect the Harris familys upbringing to be like this. How interesting. If you say that, Im worried that what you said yesterday will really come true!”

At this point, Madam Harris seemed to recall something. When they were talking about the bet, that wretched girl seemed to have cursed me. If she really doesnt fulfill her promise...

Nicole looked at Madam Harris, and sure enough, her expression turned ugly.

“Wretched girl, quickly bow and apologize to Sharon!”

“Didnt we agree to kowtow What is happening now Why has it changed to Nicole bowing after losing” Sharon stood there and looked at Madam Harris seriously. I have never seen someone so biased.

Nicole panicked. “Grandma, how could you listen to her! She just wants to embarrass our family and me!”

“Sharon, Ive already asked Nicole to apologize to you! Dont be ungrateful.” Madam Harris originally thought that she would just gloss over this matter with a few words, but who knew that Sharon would actually put this matter on the line.

She is really shameless. However, she still remembered Nicoles oath. If I dont fulfill the bet, will it really affect me

Sharon said matter-of-factly, “If I was the one who lost today, wont I have to kneel down and kowtow to her And even if you think that it doesnt matter whether the bet with me is valid or not, are you going to ignore Grandmas life and death”

Nicole didnt expect Sharon to be so unforgiving today and even go at her so aggressively. She quickly said, “Grandma, dont listen to this womans nonsense. Youll definitely live to a ripe old age.”

Madam Harriss expression didnt soften because of Nicoles explanation. Instead, she stared coldly at the latter.

“Grandma...” Nicole could tell that Madam Harris was really suspicious of her because of this matter. For a moment, she didnt know what to say.

“Then, do you think I wouldnt have collaborated with the Sullivan Group from the start” Wallace suddenly spoke, making Nicole even more speechless. Everyone now knew that Wallace was the biggest contributor to the Harris Groups project. If she argued with Wallace, it would definitely be hard for her in the future.

“Im your sister...” Nicole gritted her teeth. “How can you do this for an outsider like her...”

“Shes your sister-in-law, a member of the Harris family.”

“Just do as your older brother says! Dont talk so much nonsense! I didnt expect you to break your promise and curse me for the sake of your reputation!” Madam Harris slammed the table angrily, seemingly very displeased with her granddaughters actions.

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However, anyone with a discerning eye could tell that Madam Harris actually didnt take Sharon and Nicoles bet to heart. If it werent for Wallace standing up for her, this matter probably wouldve been forgotten.



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