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Chapter 2: Famous

“Dont you know what kind of occasion this is Youve disgraced the Harris family.”

“Hmph, such a person is borrowing a million dollars You wont even know how to spend it after taking the money!”

“Shes here to spoil the fun.”

Sharon listened to the mockery and insults and suddenly clenched her fists. These people only paid attention to me borrowing money, completely forgetting that Uncle Smith is also the old butler who has taken care of them for decades! If not for Uncle Smiths illness, I wouldve returned to my room early and left this pretentious place.

But thinking of her mothers teachings when she was young, Sharon still endured the humiliation and said to Madam Harris, “I beg Grandma to help Uncle Smith on account of how he took care of the Harris family for so many years!”

“Who do you think you are Dont say such nice words here. Its only a mere one million dollars, yet you want to borrow it from our family If it were Sister Crystal, she wouldnt make our family lose so much face.” The person who spoke was Louis, his tone filled with schadenfreude.

He had never liked Wallace, so he naturally took the opportunity to mock him.

Before Madam Harris could say anything, the new butler ran in and said loudly, “The gambling kings daughter, Crystal, has sent a congratulatory gift! One, one... land transfer deed that is worth 300 million dollars!”

As if she had found a treasure, Madam Harris blurted out excitedly, “Let me see!”

The butler handed the land transfer deed to the Madam, while everyone present gasped in shock. They were all guessing which manor it was.

“Its actually the garden estate of the Belgian King, Leopold II!” Madam Harris was overjoyed. “Oh my, Crystal is really considerate! She doesnt even have much interaction with our Harris family, yet she still thinks of me.”

Madam Harris-who was beaming with happiness-turned to look at Sharon. Her gaze instantly turned malicious. “What are you still standing here for I gave you a chance to step away, but you didnt want it. Get out now-youre not fit to attend my birthday banquet.”

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“You go back first.” Wallace glanced at Sharon and didnt say anything.

That was her husband. Sharon turned around and left, running toward Uncle Smiths hospital.

“Oh. My sister-in-law, youre leaving just like that Are you going to beg for food on the streets Youre really embarrassing our Harris Family. Ill give you 10 dollars to buy some porridge in the slums!” Nicole took out ten dollars from her handbag and threw it beside Sharon.

The entire Harris family erupted into world-shattering laughter.

Sharon walked straight toward the door without looking back.

After rushing to the hospital, Sharon was still thinking about how to get the attending doctor to postpone the fees for two days.

What she didnt expect was for the nurse to inform her that Uncle Smith had been put on the experimental treatment plan in the hospital. They had also found a bone marrow donor for him when his liver was repaired.

“This... How much does this cost Nurse, tell me. Ill think of a way immediately.”

The nurse said, “A total of 1.6 million dollars. Someone has already paid 600,000 dollars for you.”

“Who paid” Sharon was a little surprised.

The nurse shook her head. “Im not sure.”

Sharon was about to go to the payment office to figure this out when she turned around and saw a man in a suit and white hair standing behind her.

Their eyes met, and the man gave her a gentlemanly bow. He held her hand and kissed it before saying, “Miss, youve worked hard for so many years!”

“You are from... the Xavier family”

The man was pleasantly surprised. “Miss, you still remember me”

Sharon instantly retracted her hand, her expression stern. She was so agitated that she was speaking incoherently. “How could I forget I remember all of you! Back then, if you hadnt chased after me all the way... forcing my mother to change her name, causing my father to die in an accident, and leaving my mother and me to rely on each other... Why did you come looking for me now”

“Miss, Master was devastated when your mother passed away. He has been looking for you all these years; he hopes that you can go back.”

Sharon sneered. “What if I refuse”

“Master said that even if you reject him, you will always be his granddaughter. This card was given to you by him-the passcode is your birthday. He will let you manage all the media industries in New York and will also acquire the biggest company under your name.” The man took out the proof and a card.

“Take it away! I dont need it!”

“If Miss doesnt need it, what about your benefactor, Uncle Smith”

“Are you threatening me”

The man hurriedly said, “Of course not. As long as you accept this card, all your problems will be solved.”

“How much money is in this card” Sharon didnt have a good impression of her grandfather, whom she had never met before.

“Master said that this is just pocket money. Ten billion dollars.”



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