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19 A Share Of The Loot

This contract was undoubtedly a slap to everyones face. Even Zachary-who had been watching the commotion-was shocked!

Louis snatched the contract from Madam Harris and threw it on the floor. “I dont believe you! You mustve forged this. How could you have managed to clinch such a big deal in less than an hour”

Zachary sneered. “Its such a big project. We should be clear about it. They invested two billion dollars, so dont try to fool us with a few hundred thousand dollars.”

“Thats right. I cant think of a reason for how you managed to get this contract, Brother. If you can get it done so easily, then so can I.” Louis was shocked that his cousin became the focus of the family so easily. Moreover, all the favorable conditions that his grandmother had offered had been taken away by him. If he really achieved this, the Harris family would have no place for them in the future.

“Take a closer look at the seal on it. The contract is worth two billion dollars. Are you satisfied”

“Bullsh*t!” Louis roared. “You have the nerve to ask for a contract that is worth two billion dollars You think your small company can get such a big project Dream on.”

Zachary looked at Madam Harris and coughed a few times. “Mom, this kid is treating all of us like monkeys. I dont think you need to look at this contract; he mustve printed it and faked it.”

“Dont talk nonsense! It might be Crystal who helped Wallace! I think this contract is real!” June gritted her teeth and picked up the contract as if she believed that it had to be Crystal who helped her son clinch the collaboration so easily.

“Dont worry. Let me take a look at the contract first.” Madam Harris picked up the contract and examined it seriously for a while.

“Madam, Crystal is here.” Just as Madam Harris was scrutinizing the contract carefully, the butler walked in.

When June heard that Crystal was here, she quickly stood up. “Quick! Welcome her in quickly!”

Amidst everyones anticipation, Crystal entered wearing a long white dress with an exquisite gift box in her hand. The moment she saw Wallace, she gave him her blessings. “Wallace, congratulations on getting Sullivans project! I knew you could do it.”

Hearing what Crystal said, everyone was stunned. How could this happen! Wallace really got this project

Madam Harris didnt have the time to welcome Crystal. She flipped through the contract in her hands. The contract, the seal... Everything is well in order.

“Its true! Wallace, you really negotiated a project that is worth two billion dollars successfully!” Madam Harris hurriedly went up to him, her cold attitude completely different from before.

Wallace actually managed to clinch the project, and he managed to obtain all two billion dollars of it. However, he did it in less than an hour! Nobody would believe it!

Zachary also stared at his nephew in shock, feeling regret and helplessness. Before today, Wallace was still considered to be my junior. Whether it was his identity or status, the latter was definitely not my match. If I had known that this was going to happen, I wouldve taken this opportunity and not let this brat take advantage of it.

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However, he refused because he was worried about his own reputation.

“I didnt expect my grandson to achieve what Ive always wanted to do. It looks like our company has a chance to grow!” Madam Harriss words were like a slap in everyones face, and this meant that nobody in the Harris family would be able to impede Wallace anymore.

“Great-this is really great! Wallace, how did you do this Do you know that youve made a great contribution to our family Youre really great!” Madam Harris wasnt stingy with her praise. After she finished speaking, she quickly continued, “I dont know how you did it, but the other party... Mr. Tommy didnt make things difficult for you at all”

“Mom, is there a need to talk about this Of course, its because of Crystal. The York family and Sullivan have such a good relationship, so it must be Crystal who helped Wallace. Shes much more useful than some other people!” said June as she pulled Crystal to her side and looked at Sharon with disdain.

Wallace said in a direct manner, “The new president seems to have wanted to collaborate with the Harris Group since a long time ago. Before I went, they had already done their due diligence on us, and Mr. Tommy is also very optimistic about our new initiatives.”

In other words, him clinching the project had nothing to do with Crystal, and this made her very embarrassed.

The reason why she came at this time was that Sullivan had already sent a message regarding their decision to collaborate with Wallaces construction company. Her father told her to obtain a share of the project!



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