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18 Collaboration Success

After hearing Tommys words, Wallace took a deep breath. Grandmothers goal was only to have a chance to collaborate. However, not only have I won the bid now, but Ive even gotten the entire project!

Sharons determined face suddenly flashed across Wallaces mind. Why was she so confident that day Could it be that she already knew about the result Who exactly is she...

At this moment, Wallace suddenly had a strange thought. Could this legendary CEO Charlotte be my wifes alias But when I turn around and think about it, how could there be anything that is so strange I know Sharons identity the best. Rather than letting my thoughts run wild, I might as well accept the fact that Crystal is helping me behind my back.

Wallace couldnt help but ask, “Mr. Tommy, I would like to ask: is the CEO on good terms with the York Group”

When Tommy heard this, he almost laughed out loud. “Mr. Wallace, did you not read the latest news If the CEO really had a good relationship with the York Group, Im afraid we dont need to discuss collaboration with you anymore, right”

Wallace was stunned for a moment before realizing that the other party meant that this had nothing to do with the York Group. Who is the one supporting me

After leaving the Sullivan Groups building, Wallace was still in shock and excitement. He felt like he was dreaming as he held the successful bidding agreement in his hands.

Seeing Wallace leave, Sharon quickly arranged for a car to return to the Harris family. She couldnt wait to see what expression Nicole would have.

In the hall of the Harris family residence, everyone had a strange look on their faces. Why did Wallace choose this time to ask us to return home Also, everyone knows that Wallace went to Sullivan this morning. If it was a business deal, it shouldnt have been settled so quickly.

Everyone in the Harris family was waiting to see him make a fool of himself. This was especially so for Louis, who wanted to see how humiliated the eldest grandson of the Harris family would be.

When Wallace walked into the room, he felt everyones mocking gazes.

Louis opened his mouth and said sarcastically, “I didnt expect Big Brother to be back so soon. Your trip didnt even take an hour! Im guessing you didnt even go through Sullivans door”

“It looks like Big Brother cant wait to get a divorce with that woman, so he didnt put in any effort to negotiate, right” Nicole couldnt help but mock.

Madam Harriss expression was ugly. This kid hasnt said anything for so long, so they mustve guessed correctly. After all, the requirements and difficulty of this bidding were very high, and the bidding date was brought forward. If Wallace wasnt prepared, its normal for him to be rejected.

But as he was the eldest grandson of the Harris family, she didnt want Wallace to give up so easily. Hence, Madam Harris looked at the latter and sighed. “Are you not prepared this time If you tell me now that youve failed, Im afraid you have disappointed me. Also, your actions today have really embarrassed us. If this gets out, the Harris familys reputation will be ruined.”

At this moment, Sharon-who had just entered-stood beside her husband. When she heard Madam Harriss words, she couldnt help but frown and give her spouse an encouraging look. These people are too much; they simply cant bear to see others succeed. They didnt even ask about the outcome and just mocked him first! Are they really a family

As for Nicole, Sharon couldnt figure out where the former got her courage from. When she has to kneel down and kowtow later, I hope that Madam Harris will deal with this matter fairly.

Wallace was very excited at first, but now, these peoples actions made him speechless. He looked at everyone and took a deep breath. “I didnt use the Harris familys name to negotiate the collaboration; instead, I used the name of the company I established. The Sullivan Groups Tommy has signed a project contract with me, and the project will officially start next month.”

“What! You got Sullivans cooperation”

“Nonsense! How is that possible You probably couldnt even get a meeting with the Sullivan Group.”

“Really Wallace, are you joking with me”

Discussions broke out among the people present. Nobody believed that Wallace had gotten their collaboration in such a short time.

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“No way! Absolutely not!” Louis immediately stood up when he realized what was going on. “And you said you didnt use the Harris familys name Mr. Tommy is a famous figure in New York. How would he agree to meet you so easily Besides, your construction company has just been established, and the biggest project you have is worth less than a million dollars. Why would he take a fancy to you”

Faced with Louiss doubts, Wallace took out the contract expressionlessly and placed it on the glass table in front of Madam Harris. “This is the contract we have signed. Please take a look.”



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