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16 Refusing to Cooperate

“Its okay, Auntie... I-I was careless.”

Sharon really admired this woman. How did she manage to cry so easily If she has this ability, why doesnt she film a movie instead of trying to break up other peoples families

“I spouted nonsense and provoked Sharon. Its reasonable for her to punish me.” Crystal gave the doctor a look.

The doctor immediately understood and agreed. “Crystal is weak to begin with, not to mention that she didnt say anything. She only said that she wanted to help Wallace get the opportunity to work with the Sullivan group. I hoped Sharon wouldnt misunderstand, but I didnt expect Crystal to be pushed off the wheelchair while I was doing the test. Although Im an outsider, I still have to say this! Shes really vicious!”

“I didnt.” Although Sharon wasnt a tough person, she would stand up to defend herself if she was wronged for no reason.

June still wanted to scold her daughter-in-law but was stopped by Crystal.

“No need, Auntie. Since theres someone here who doesnt like me, Ill go back to my room first.” After speaking, Crystal turned around and left.

June wanted to say something, but Crystal had already left.

She was so angry that her whole body was trembling. She stomped her feet angrily and pointed at Sharons face. “Who are you Youre really infuriating me! Its all your fault that Wallace is in this state now. A useless person like you shouldnt be alive. Why dont you die with that old guy Crystal is so gentle and kind. She wants to help us, but shes still bullied by you. Tell me, can you make up for it now that youve driven her away”

“Mom, are you so sure that she can help Wallace get the project from the Sullivan Group She doesnt have the ability!” Sharon explained seriously.

“Dont call me Mom; I feel disgusted.” June pointed at her sons wife angrily. “Youre a jinx. Crystal can get half of the Sullivan Groups project money, and who do you think you are What do you know What kind of person is her father Hes the gambling king, and her mother married him with a rich dowry. Shes nothing like your cheap mother, who shoved you into our family and died.”

Hearing June insult her mother like this, Sharon couldnt hold it in anymore. “Since youre so confident, then look forward to her really helping you!”

Thereafter, Sharon glanced at her husband and ignored the angry June.

Along the way, she couldnt help but sneer. Since they like to use their backgrounds to suppress others so much, I wont stand on ceremony!

She took out her cell phone and found Tommys chat. “From now on, we will try our best to reject the York Groups collaboration. We will also stop all the cable and electricity projects that we have with them. I will make up the losses with my personal account to maintain the companys profits.”

Even if they had collaborated with the York Group in the past, from the moment she took over, these collaborations no longer needed to be carried out.

After walking out of the hospital, June was still scolding Sharon indignantly. “How could you marry such a useless woman I found a useless man to marry into the family, and my son married someone even more useless. What a sin!”

The next morning, a shocking piece of news was released: The Sullivan Group had actually brought forward the bidding date.

Wallace was glad that he was prepared, so he came to the Sullivan Group with a plan.

Looking at the 828-meter-tall building that had a total of 162 floors, Wallace actually felt a little nervous. Such a company was the ideal place for him, not like the Harris Group, which was a foul place.

He wondered if they could see his sincerity. If he really succeeded, he could leave the Harris Group and start his own company in the future. Plus, he didnt want a divorce yet, so he had to give it a try!

On the top floor, Sharon and Tommy were discussing the decisions to be made during the shareholders meeting.

Sharon seemed to have thought of something. “Speaking of which, have we worked with the York Group for a long time”

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Tommy thought for a while before explaining, “Its true that they used to work with us very well in the past. Later on, their company tried to break away from us several times, but nobody in the industry could afford the upkeep of their four casinos. In addition, with our companys political background, it wasnt easy for the York Group to withdraw from the casino business.”

Sharon nodded. It seems like I dont know the Sullivan Group well enough. I have to speed up my reading of the information these few days.

“However, the York Group has finally understood that the Sullivan Groups position in the country is unrivaled. Hence, they want to use this bidding to strengthen their collaboration with us. Recently, they have also provided us with materials, but according to your wishes yesterday, we have already rejected them.”



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