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14 Encounter at the Hospital

Crystal enjoyed this sentence very much. Looking at how nervous June was toward her, she felt very pleased.

June was so excited that she was trembling. She looked at Crystal as if she were looking at her savior and her own daughter.

When she saw that the latter looked better, she helped her up and asked carefully, “Crystal, do you have a way to help Wallace secure the Sullivan Groups project”

Nobody expected Crystal to ignore what June said and instead look at the latters son expectantly. Immediately after, she nodded with a smile. “Wallace, why didnt you tell me about such a big thing I want to give this bidding a try too. Why dont we work together Our chances will definitely be higher. Ill go ask my brother and father to recommend us. When the time comes, everything will go smoothly.”

Actually, she knew very well that her father would never help her. Although her brother would help, with her father around, her brother was nobody at home. She only said that to save face for June and Wallace.

“I appreciate your kind intentions, but my family has set a rule that I have to secure the project independently. I will think of a way to secure the project myself.”

June instantly stood up when she heard this. “Are you crazy Crystal came to help you out of goodwill, so how can you be such an ingrate Is it worth it just for the bet between Sharon and Nicole”

Wallace didnt say anything else. He glanced at the time, said he was going to the company to prepare the materials, and left in a hurry.

June seemed to have noticed Crystals grievance. After her son left, she quickly consoled her future daughter-in-law and grabbed her hand affectionately. “Crystal, you may not know, but the reason why Wallace couldnt accept your help is due to that jinx at home!”

After hearing what June said, Crystals face revealed a happy expression. Sharon is an idiot that she actually made such a bet.

At that moment, Crystals heart was filled with anticipation. Wallace definitely wont be able to secure the Sullivan Groups project!

The next afternoon, Wallace was called back by his mother. “Are you stupid Why didnt you stay by Crystals side at such a critical juncture”

“The bidding materials...” Wallace opened his mouth but was stopped by June.

“Dont you know whats the most important thing right now If you solidify your relationship with Crystal, we need not worry about not having a chance to work with the Sullivan Group in the future!”

“Mom, this is my business! I had the intention of working with the Sullivan Group in the first place, so this is a good opportunity,” Wallace said firmly.

He and his teammates had been working hard all morning, so he was very confident in the bidding. He really couldnt understand why his mother wanted him to use the power of Crystals family to negotiate the collaboration.

While they were talking, Crystal slid out of the wheelchair.

June quickly poked her son secretly. “Crystal, look. I heard you were going for a checkup, and Wallace rushed over immediately. Lets go to the doctors office and take a good look at your body!”

June passed the wheelchair to Wallace.

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Along the way, June and Crystal talked non-stop. Only when Wallace was mentioned would he reply to them.

Before he reached the door, a familiar voice came from the office. “Doctor! Please, please help me think of a solution! Or you can tell me about the donor. Ill go and find out why he suddenly has no intention of donating.” Sharons eyes were red as she asked the doctor what had happened. He just informed me that he had found a matching bone marrow, and the other party had agreed to donate it. Why did the other party back out within a week

“How can I tell you this! The hospital has to keep it a secret.” The doctor seemed to be used to this kind of thing, so he didnt plan to waste any more time with Sharon.

“Just a name or a simple contact-please.” When the door was pushed open, Sharon stared at the doctor pleadingly.

Astonishingly, the moment he saw Wallace and Crystal, the impatient doctor instantly regained his smile and quickly stood up to welcome them. “Isnt this Wallace and Crystal How are you feeling today Do you still feel dizzy”

“Why are you here Hurry up and get out! Dont delay Crystals treatment!” June was furious the moment she saw her daughter-in-law. She didnt want to hear what the latter had to say.

“Its okay, Auntie. Sharon is also a girl, so its convenient for her to accompany me. Auntie and Wallace pushed me all the way here, so you can go outside and rest for a while.”



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