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13 Crystals Hospitalization

“Ive also seen the Sullivan Groups bidding information. You only have a month to close the deal. If you succeed, Ill keep my word.”

Madam Harris looked at her eldest grandson. “Since its decided, well leave it here for today. Well discuss the rest later. Meeting adjourned!”

When most of the people had left, Wallaces mother, June, rushed toward Sharon angrily. She raised her hand and slapped the latter without warning before blurting out, “You little slut-you vicious whore! I saw everything just now; you were the one who encouraged Wallace to stand up and agree to what the old lady said. You too-why did you listen to a piece of trash like her and agree to this matter so carelessly!”

Wallaces father, James, also scolded Sharon. “You! Ive never seen such a vicious little girl like you. Youre just a piece of trash, and youve really gotten my son into deep trouble.”

“I dont care! Nicole only said that you couldnt go to Crystal to help you, so Ill go find her. At that time, Ill see who can stop you. If Crystal doesnt help connect you to the relevant parties, we definitely wont be able to get the Sullivan Group to consider us. When that time comes, this piece of trash will have to kneel down in front of Nicole, and they will definitely use this as an excuse to make a fuss. Where will I put my face then” June was so angry that her whole body was trembling, and she blamed all the problems on Sharon.

Sharon was trembling all over. She pressed her arms against her body and bit her lips tightly. Then, she said in a very soft voice, “Even so... As long as Wallace can negotiate this contract successfully, all the problems will be solved...”

“Heh, youre really short-sighted. Do you know what kind of organization the Sullivan Group is Why would they easily give out the contract If you dont have a strong background and ability, how are you going to negotiate with them Moreover, everyone knows that to work with the Sullivan Group, one must use connections! Our family has never worked with anyone related to the Sullivan Group before, so how would they take a fancy to Wallace”

“I think theres definitely nothing wrong with Wallace! The other party will definitely like him.” As she spoke, Sharon looked at her husband.

This cold-looking man had no expression on his face at all.

“You think so” June wished she could give her daughter-in-law a slap and mock her at one side. “If you have the ability, go and become the Sullivan Groups boss then. Youre a useless piece of trash who still dares to boast here.

“Get out-get out today! I get angry just looking at you.” June pointed at the door, signaling Sharon to leave immediately.

Wallace didnt say a word.

Sharon laughed in her heart. Yes, why would he make his mother angry because of me

Thinking of this, Sharon didnt stay any longer and turned to leave. Lets go to the hospital to accompany Uncle Smith tonight!

When she thought of that old man who was always smiling, Sharon unconsciously felt at ease.

She slept at his bedside until late at night.

Sharon woke up with a start-Uncle Smith was thirsty and wanted to drink water.

After waiting for the elevator for a long time, Sharon decided to take the stairs. As if she felt someone staring at her, Sharon raised her head slightly, and her gaze met Wallaces.

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The light in the stairs was dim, and his slender figure stood there like a statue. A pair of chestnut-colored eyes shone with an inquisitive light, and his thin lips curved into a devilish smile the moment he saw her. Together with his raised black-colored eyebrows, he gave off an aura of authority that was hard to reject, with a tint of coldness.

Sharon was obviously stunned. Why is he here at this time Surely he isnt here to look for me

“Why are you still here Crystal just woke up; dont let the smell of smoke choke her. What are you standing there for” June rushed in from the side, so nervous that she didnt even notice that Sharon was there. She dragged Wallace away from the scene.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Crystal instantly put down her phone.

“Crystal, Wallace was too worried about you just now, so he went to ask the doctor about the situation. You have to take care of yourself!” June smiled like a blooming chrysanthemum.

“It was my fault today... When I heard about the Sullivan Groups project bidding, I knew that Wallace would definitely take over. Hence, I rushed over, wanting to give him some ideas and help him out. I didnt expect myself to be so useless; I walked a few steps and fainted.”

“Its not your fault! Youre anemic, yet youre worried about our family.” June was so touched that she held Crystals hand. “If you ask Auntie, youre our lucky star! Youve helped Auntie a lot this time; youre so much better than that Sharon.”



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