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11 Stand Out

Madam Harris was a little surprised. She didnt expect her second son-Zachary, who was the first person to get involved with the construction industry-to not happily accept this task and instead say such discouraging words.

Zachary felt even worse. The opportunity to inherit the family business was right in front of him, but he could only let it slip by. However, this was an impossible task as he had a close relationship with the Carter Group.

Perhaps the Sullivan Group would chase him out upon hearing his name. At that time, if he were to offend the Sullivan Group like the Carter Group had, he would be the one losing face instead.

Looking at how the Carter Group was being ridiculed, Zachary decided that he wouldnt agree to this matter no matter what.

Gazing at Zachary, Madam Harris shook her head helplessly before asking, “What about the others Could it be that none of the Harris familys children can stand up now”

Sharon gently tugged at her significant others sleeve and said softly, “Why dont you give it a try I think you can!”

Wallace rubbed his thumb and index finger together. “No, the Sullivan Group wont collaborate with a start-up company like us.”

“I think you can definitely negotiate this collaboration successfully. Why dont you give it a try” Sharons eyes flashed with anticipation for her husband.

Seeing his wife suddenly become so interested, Wallace couldnt help but ask, “Really”

Sharon smiled and nodded vigorously. She said confidently, “I have confidence in you. You will definitely succeed.”

Wallace didnt expect Sharon to be so sure that he would succeed. He didnt know how to respond.

Sharon covered his hand excitedly. “Believe me! I think theres no problem with you at all! You can only realize your dreams by seizing this opportunity. Nobody in the family will dare to harm you then.”

She knew that her spouse rarely fired old employees, but Madam Harris wasnt that kind of person. As long as there were new people, old employees would be fired no matter how loyal they were.

This was another matter that probably only Wallace would have the chance to investigate after he assumed the position of president.

For some reason, Wallace believed her words. He raised his hand and stood up. “Grandma, leave this to me. I want to give it a try.”

Wallaces words shocked everyone. Is he crazy Even if it is to please Grandma, it shouldnt be at this time! Isnt there only one way out for him after saying something like this

Zachary and Louiss family were delighted to hear about this. He is a stubborn person who insists on doing these things. Why should we stop him

The Sullivan Group was the biggest company in New York; they wouldnt have their eyes on a small project that the Harris Group initiated. No matter who tried to negotiate for them, they would never succeed.

Louis couldnt help but mock, “Brother, have you been infected by that stupid wife of yours You actually think you can get the opportunity to collaborate with them”

Nicole also sneered. “I wonder what identity Big Brother is going to use to bid for it If you use the Harris Groups name, youll cause us to lose face. It might not be worth it for us.”

When Zachary heard this, he quickly echoed, “Thats right! If youre chased out by the Sullivan Group, well become a laughingstock like the Carter Group.”

“Zachary, dont worry. I have confidence in this matter, and I will definitely make the appropriate arrangements. As for the other matters, since Ive stood up, I already have plans. Everyone, dont worry. I wont give outsiders the chance to mock our family.”

Actually, Wallace had his own plans. Since Sharon isnt valued at home, I will have the right to tell them not to target her if I can assume a position of power. Most importantly, Sharon can straighten her back and gain our parents approval.

However, he didnt expect so many people to look down on him-this made him a little dazed.

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Wallace glanced at Sharon, who was beside him. I mustve been bewitched by her just now, so I stood up inexplicably. Now that things have come to this, I can only brace myself and go forward. Perhaps good luck will really come to me.

What they didnt expect was for Madam Harris to look at Nicole angrily. “What does a little girl like you know”

I asked several times just now, but nobody came forward. Finally, my eldest grandson-who I think has a slight chance of winning the bid-stood up. This group of people is dampening his enthusiasm!



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