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Chapter 8 – What You Can Do to Keep Them from Escaping

(T/N: Still in first perspective.)

“Ah, good morning, Chinatsu-kun♪”


When I opened the front door to go to school, I was greatly surprised to see Madoka-san’s reflection.

I didn’t expect her to be right there when I opened the door.

Unlike me who was surprised, Madoka-san was tilting her head.

“…Yes, um, good morning.”

“Yeah, good morning♪”

Ah, her smile is amazingly beautiful… No, I shouldn’t focus on that!

Unlike me, who wears a school uniform, Madoka-san is a university student, so she wears casual clothes, but in her hand was a lunch box just like the one she gave me yesterday.

“Here, your bento.”

“…Ah, today too.”

“Yes♪ Eat it for lunch, okay”


I wondered if it would be possible for me to be so happy to have another bento made for me after yesterday, so I was trembling with excitement as I received the bento from Madoka-san.



The moment I received my lunch box, I heard a very sweet voice from Madoka-san.

When I turned my eyes to see what was wrong, she put her hand on her cheek and was looking at me with…what I can say, very s**y eyes.

Madoka-san smiled at me as she noticed me tilting my head.

“I’m sorry.

You looked so happy to receive my lunch.”

“It’s because your bento tastes so delicious.

I don’t think even my mom could make a bento this good.”

“Your mom would be sad to hear that.

But tell me what you think again after yesterday, okay I need to know what Chinatsu-kun likes.”

What I like… Stop, don’t imagine strange things, Chinatsu.

After that, we decided to go halfway together.

As a high school student and a university student, we naturally went to different schools, so we could only stay together until the halfway point.

Even so, I was happy to be able to spend the morning scenery with Madoka-san like this.

“Well, I guess this is where I say goodbye.”


“Fufu, don’t you look lonely”

“Did I look like that”

I didn’t think it showed on my face, but it did.

I wonder if Madoka-san thinks of me like a younger brother.

Well, perhaps it’s a bit presumptuous of me to think that much.

“Ah, yes.

You forgot something important.”


Having said that, Madoka took out her phone.

“Shall we exchange contact details I mean, how did I know your mother’s before yours”

“Ah… Ahaha, you’re right.”

I don’t know why I didn’t tell her mine first.

We laughed at each other and exchanged contact details.

The new name Saiki Madoka filled my heart with an irrepressible happiness.

“…! …Cute… Cute, cute, cute, cute, cute…♪”

“Madoka-san Are you sure you’re okay…”

When I asked her, she said she was fine and put her phone away.

“Then finally, let’s make a promise.”

“A promise”

What would that be Before I could ask, a pair of t**s came at me.

I’m taller than her, but Madoka-san put her arms behind my head and hugged me to her chest, so my face was inevitably buried there.

“Let’s do our best for the rest of the day♪”


“Ahn♪, I told you not to talk in my chest, you’ll make me giggle.”

With all the luck I’ve had lately, I could have sworn I was using it all for this.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(T/N: Back to third perspective.)

“Then, I’ll see you in the evening.”

“Yes! I’m off.”


Madoka watched Chinatsu’s back as he walked enthusiastically towards the high school.

When his back was out of sight, she took a small breath and let out a troubled exhale.

“…Hah♪ Why is he so cute~ I want him to show me more and more of that, I want to spoil you more and more, Chinatsu-kun.”

Madoka knew from the smile on his face when she gave him his lunch box, the smile on his face when they exchanged contact information, and his reaction when she hugged him that he had a liking for her.

She didn’t intend to make fun of him or do anything malicious, but Madoka was able to make a plan to get Chinatsu to fall in love with her.

“Since I promised Chinatsu-kun’s mother, I really have to make this work♪ Fufu, I never thought I would really love a man so much.

Hey, Chinatsu-kun, don’t be shy to ask anything of me, okay I’ll accept any request.”

Madoka also stepped forward towards the university as Chinatsu’s back was already out of sight.

As she went along the same road as usual, Madoka’s brain was filled with thoughts of Chinatsu.

She was very careful not to worry Chinatsu by getting hurt, but her thoughts were fantasies that she could never say out loud.

“Madoka-san… I…!”

She liked the way he looked so shy in front of her.

“Madoka! With me–”

She also liked to see him seeking her with confidence as if they were the same age.

She wanted to be adored by him because he was younger, she wanted to melt him, she even wanted him to be dyed in her own color, and vice versa.


Just the mere mention of Chinatsu’s name made her heart leap, and sweet electricity ran through her body when she thought of him.

The woman who had been suppressed because her heart had been worn out was now raging within Madoka, trying to come out to the surface.

It was undoubtedly Chinatsu who awakened it, and it was her encounter with him that truly awakened Madoka.

“…I’m sorry, Chinatsu-kun, for thinking about dying alone when you were here.

But it’s okay now, okay You’re here in this world… And there’s a reason for me to live.”

Chinatsu did not want Madoka, a woman he loved, to die, so he wanted to stop her even if he had to break into her room.

The result of such favouritism, however, was the creation of this Madoka.

His feelings for Madoka evoked the real her.

Madoka’s heart, which is seriously devoted to someone, made her even more beautiful and transformed her into a woman full of charm.

Although she did not realize it, it was a significant change to the extent that people around her paid attention to her unconsciously.

“Oh, Madoka!”

On entering the college grounds, she met a friend who had arrived at the same time.

She was an important friend to Madoka, a confidant who encouraged her in every situation.

When they were walking together, they saw a couple of people they didn’t want to see, but Madoka still didn’t change her expression at all.

“Hey Madoka, you don’t really seem to care, do you”


I really don’t care.”

She was not interested in people who just stared at her from a distance.

Even if they spoke to her… Well, she wouldn’t be able to ignore them, but she was already indifferent enough to treat them as if they were not there.

“I see, I see.

Did you meet someone nice by any chance”

“You could tell”

“I knew it! Come on, tell me all the details!”

Madoka nodded, thinking that she wanted to keep Chinatsu to herself, but it was okay to talk to her a little because she was an important close friend.

But of course, even when she talked to her best friend like this, she could only think of Chinatsu.

She already couldn’t stay away from Chinatsu, and she wouldn’t allow him to stay away from her either.

Of course, not that she would restrain him, just that she would make him think only about her… Madoka’s smile deepened as she realized how wonderful it would be if that happened.

“…You know, Madoka, that was a bit of a naughty laugh, wasn’t it”

“What do you mean naughty laugh”

Her fantasies with Chinatsu were always sexually explicit, but of course she never talked about it.

Like that, while she was walking with her best friend, Madoka’s phone vibrated.


The moment she saw the screen, Madoka smiled like a blooming flower .

The message was from Chinatsu, and it was a standard [Good luck at university] message.

“I can’t believe you messaged me when I’m thinking about you, Chinatsu-kun…Fufu, our souls are really connected after all♪”

Madoka muttered with such conviction.

Incidentally, her best friend was really surprised to see Madoka like that.

It was because Madoka looked happier than she had ever seen her before, and at the same time, she was incredibly s**y. 


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