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Chapter 3 – Gentleness That Entwines The Heart

For Saiki Madoka, that day was destiny.

She got to be close to a nice boy who she could now say was very important to her, a boy who was younger than her and yet he desperately tried to hold on to her…


Thinking back to what had just happened, Madoka let out a hot sigh.

It was getting late, and Madoka had held Chinatsu back from going back to his own room.

Not that she wanted him to leave anyway, because she wanted to hold him forever.

Despite being bewildered by the feelings she never had for her ex, Madoka concluded that this was true love.

“Um… I’ll be right next door and you can see me anytime! I’d also like to come over here anytime if Madoka-san will let me!”

“Oh my, then why don’t you just stay over here all the time”

“That’s… Well…”

Fun, happy, these kinds of emotions overflowed and did not stop.

She liked the expression on his face when he wished for her to live, but it was even better when he was embarrassed, as it befitted his age.

She thought it was both cool and cute.

Madoka was already helplessly crazy about Chinatsu.

“…Chinatsu-kun… Chinatsu-kun!”

He was there, across the wall from her, and she hated this wall, but her cheeks relaxed at the happiness of having Chinatsu so close by.

As she mentioned earlier, if Chinatsu would like to, he could stay here all the time.

Madoka thought so, but she stopped herself from telling Chinatsu what she wanted.

She thought it would be a nuisance to Chinatsu if she forced her feelings on him, so she decided to start attacking slowly.

“…Yes, this is love.

I want to think about the other person so much, I want to be thought of by the other person, I want to seek and to be sought after… I want to devote myself… Ah, so this is love!”

Madoka was attracted to the fake kindness that her ex exuded, but now it had become a past she wanted to forget.

Now, she didn’t want to think of her ex-boyfriend that much anymore, because she had defined her priorities.

First came Chinatsu.

Second came Chinatsu.

Third came Chinatsu.

And fourth came Chinatsu… This was Madoka’s order of priority .

“Chinatsu-kun… I’ll live for you.

I will devote myself to you for the rest of my life… So please, don’t abandon me.

If you abandon me… I don’t even know what I’d do.”

Madoka wanted to put her trust in something, she wanted to rely on someone, it was no different from before.

This was what Madoka thought, but her feelings now are completely different.

Just thinking about Chinatsu cleared her mind and blew away any pain… That’s why Madoka could only think about Chinatsu.

“Chinatsu-kun… He was so thrilled when I held him in my chest… I’m so happy♪.”

When she held Chinatsu to her chest, his cheeks were red and he was really embarrassed.

Madoka could definitely see that he was conscious of her, and she had noticed that he had been glancing at her chest when they had been talking.

But she never felt uncomfortable, and now she finally understood why.

“I get it.

If this is how it was meant to be, then there was no way I could be uncomfortable with Chinatsu-kun.

What the h**l, I’ve been wanting Chinatsu-kun since then without even knowing it♪”  

All of her thoughts were leaping already.

If her friend had listened to every word she said, he/she would have told her to calm down.

But what was even worse was that Madoka never tried to force her feelings on Chinatsu, she wanted to bind him to some extent, but her first priority was Chinatsu.

This was a dark but true form of love that differed from constraining him.

“…Ah, that’s right.”

Madoka took out her phone and called the number on the notepaper.

After waiting for a while, a gentle female voice could be heard.

“Hello, I’m sorry for suddenly calling, my name is Saiki, I live in the room next to Chinatsu-kun’s.”

Yes, the person Madoka called was Chinatsu’s mother.

She seemed surprised or confused by the sudden phone call, but Madoka explained how she came to make this phone call step-by-step.

“Actually, Chinatsu-kun helped me when I was in trouble, and I wanted to do something for him to the extent that I could, as a way of saying thank you.”

Regarding that help… Madoka never honestly said that she was stopped from committing suicide, but she was not generally wrong.

“Chinatsu-kun seems to live alone, so I was thinking of cooking for him when he feels like it… Yes, I thought that maybe Chinatsu-kun might be lonely at times… Yes… Ah, really”

Well, a lot of things needed to be said, but the most important one was to fill the outer moat.

Madoka contacted Chinatsu’s mother in this way, not out of a selfish desire, but as a way of saying thank you and that she would like to talk to her mother for a moment, and Chinatsu was happy to give Madoka his mother’s contact information.

“Yes… Fufu, no, it’s okay… It’s totally fine.

Leave it to me–I’ll watch over Chinatsu-kun carefully.

Yes… Yes!”

Madoka had no malice at all, which was why Chinatsu’s mother trusted her.

In the first place, the way Madoka spoke and the voice she emitted were clearly imbued with kindness, so it seemed that doubt was lost on her.


I want to devote my whole life to Chinatsu-kun… But at the same time, I want to spoil him.

I want him to rely on me so much more.”

She wanted Chinatsu, but naturally she wanted him to want her just as much, and she promised to respond to him with everything she could do.

Madoka vowed so in secret.

“Hey, you’re so beautiful.

Would you like to have a little chat with me”

She really didn’t care about the ex who would approach her saying that.

She didn’t even want to think about the guy who threw tantrums over small things anymore, and she didn’t want anyone to smoke in the room with impunity, which she hated so much… Above all, she didn’t care about any guy except Chinatsu.

“…Chinatsu-kun… Chinatsu-kun!”

Her body trembled with the first true love she had ever had, and her hand reached out to her chest without knowing it… Just as she tried to comfort herself with the thought of the person she truly loved, Madoka’s phone alerted her to an incoming call.

It was Madoka’s mother.


When she picked up the phone, Madoka’s mother asked her how she was getting on, as usual.

…She was sorry to think that there might have been a future in which she never answered the phone like this, but now Madoka could smile and say that she was fine now.

“Hey mom… I’ve found someone I like so much I can’t help it.”

The mother on the other end of the line seemed happy to hear that.

To tell the truth, Madoka never told her family about her ex.

Even if they had stayed together, she never wanted him to meet her parents.

But not with Chinatsu… She wanted to tell them about him right away.

Like a machine gun, Madoka spoke to her mother about how wonderful and kind Chinatsu was–of course, her mother didn’t know how Madoka had come to feel so much for Chinatsu in one day.

“So, you know… Nnn♪ No, it’s nothing… Yeah, it’s really…nothing…”

While on the phone with her mother, Madoka kept thinking about Chinatsu and touching her b*****s.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While Madoka was talking to her mother like that, Chinatsu was…thinking of Madoka.

“…Is this really okay”

He was worried that something would happen to her again and she would commit suicide.

But Chinatsu could only believe her when she smiled and said that everything wouldl be alright now.

“…She smelled really good, besides…”

Recalling the sensation of being hugged by Madoka, Chinatsu blushed.

It was such a shock and such a great moment .

“Madoka-san… If it’s me, I would never…”

I would never do anything like that man, but those mutterings faded away in a small way.

Although he wouldn’t see her again today, he would see her again tomorrow.

Looking forward to it, Chinatsu spent the night with a little anxiety.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thus the story began to move.

The story of a boy who wished to save a woman he loved, and a woman whose heart was entwined with that of the boy who helped her, had just begun. 


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