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Chapter 23 – This is What Pure Love is All About

“…Hah~, Chinatsu-kun♪”


After finishing dinner, I was washing the dishes and Madoka-san was standing next to me, staring at me.

If my eyes weren’t crazy, I’d swear I could see hearts in both of her eyes.



…Madoka-san has been like this since a while ago.

To begin with, I offered to wash the dishes after dinner.

Madoka-san refused at first, but I couldn’t just sit still.

Because I want to serve her, because I want to take care of her, because I want to pamper her… It is natural to want to be pampered from the bottom of one’s heart with words like that.

But as Madoka-san’s boyfriend, I just thought I would do what I could do myself.

“Seeing my boyfriend do the dishes… It’s nice.”

“…Is that so


You’re wonderful, Chinatsu-kun… I like you… I love you♪”

She hugged me tightly from behind.

Her arms went around my stomach, and I was focused on the softness of the fullness on her back.

Even so, I managed to hold on and finish the job well.

“…Ah, that’s right.

Madoka-san, it looks like my mom is coming soon…”

“Oh, really I also wanted to meet Chinatsu-kun’s mother.

Fufu, what should we talk about… How much I think of you, Chinatsu-kun, I have to make sure to tell her that♪”

“…I feel like the outer moat is being filled in.” (T/N: A Japanese expression, which has a meaning starting with the surrounding, not just the original purpose.

In this case, approaching the mother of her beloved.)

At my words, Madoka-san nodded her head and said, “Of course not.”

“I’m not going to leave Chinatsu-kun anymore, okay And I also know that Chinatsu-kun will never leave me.

Because Chinatsu-kun is no-good without me, right”


Madoka-san’s words were a conviction.

She asked for my affirmation.

I gulped, because it sounded like it meant she’d never forgive me if I didn’t agree.

But… I decided to accept those words.

No, I want to bind Madoka-san to me even more than that.

“Even Madoka-san is like that, isn’t she”


I took a step towards Madoka-san.

“Madoka-san, you can’t be without me, can you”

It’s strange… I might be getting a bit worked up too.

When I put my hand on Madoka-san’s cheek with her back against the wall and asked her that, she turned bright red and nodded.

“You’re now…mine and mine alone.”


Madoka-san fell on her butt on the spot.

Her figure was so cute… Wait, no.

I immediately reached out to Madoka-san and helped her stand up.

“I’m sorry, calling you mine is a bit of a figure of speech… Well, I would never treat Madoka-san like an object!”

I was desperately trying to excuse myself, but Madoka-san and I… I mean, I would never treat a woman like an object.

I know there are people out there who do, but I can’t seem to relate to them.

“Chinatsu-kun, you’re amazing.

You did this to me with just a few words…”


Madoka-san took my hand and pressed it against her own ample b*****s.

I felt a slight firmness in the softness through her clothes.

Madoka-san giggled and said, with the same expression on her face as when we had s*x yesterday.

“So let’s finish our bath, shall we …Fufu♪”

A few minutes later, there I was, lying on the bed in the bedroom.

“…Ah, my head is so fuzzy.”

I was in the bath a few minutes ago.

…It was heaven in a double sense.

A bath is basically a place to wash your body and to relax after a hard day’s work, so it is natural that it should feel good.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Chinatsu-kun.”


Madoka-san returned late.

The pajamas she was wearing yesterday have been washed, and before today, I’ve never seen this type before.

The beige and white striped pattern looks very soft to the touch.

And I thought again that Madoka-san is really beautiful even without makeup.


I was thinking back to what had happened earlier as I stared at Madoka-san, who had started to do things around me while humming a tune.

Because Madoka was in such a state, I didn’t think the bath would end normally either…

“How’s this Ah, it twitched♪”

…Was Madoka-san a succubus in a previous life I can’t stop thinking about it.



I didn’t notice Madoka-san in front of me because I was thinking like that.

Madoka-san, who was on all fours looking into my face, was tilting her head to see if anything was wrong.

“Oh… It’s nothing.”

“Did you think back to what happened earlier”

“…Seriously, how do you know”

“Fufu♪ Chinatsu-kun is naughty… But I’m just as naughty♪”


I pulled Madoka-san’s body towards me as hard as I could and held her so that she laid down on the bed.

“Oh my, Chinatsu-kun♪”

“…Sorry, I’m embarrassed.”

“It’s okay.

If you feel embarrassed, then please indulge me.

In Chinatsu-kun’s case, this will be the most relaxing.”

She’s absolutely right.

When I hug Madoka-san, the texture of her soft pajamas feels really good.

Besides, it seems I’ve become addicted to doing this.

“Earlier, Chinatsu-kun made me very squeamish, didn’t he You said I was yours only.”

“…Well that…”

“Well… Some of the words didn’t suit the gentle Chinatsu-kun.

But you know, I was happy to be told directly that I was Chinatsu-kun’s.

Like I said before, I couldn’t resist it.”

Madoka-san seemed to express her joy with her whole body.

She gently stroked my head as I buried my face in her chest, put her hands on my back and treated me as if she was trying to soothe me.

“Tomorrow is a holiday for both of us, and we can keep staying together.”


I was a little afraid of the sound of that, but being with Madoka-san is what I want as well.

I can soak in this warmth and softness forever… I’m happy just to be wrapped up in Madoka-san.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

…Hah~♪ I’m Chinatsu-kun’s only… And Chinatsu-kun is mine only as well♪

Madoka gazed lovingly at Chinatsu, who was sweetly burying his face in her chest.

The words that she had just been told, that she belonged to him, really stimulated Madoka’s servitude in her heart to an excessive degree.

The strong words that the normally gentle Chinatsu suddenly uttered, it really pleased Madoka’s mind and body to no end.

I wonder what I should talk about with Mother… Fufu, Ahaha♪

When Chinatsu saved her and when they decided to date, both times Madoka was in contact with Chinatsu’s mother, and it was true that there was no intention to make a good impression.

It was truly because Madoka really loved Chinatsu and was prepared to devote her whole life to him.

Such genuine feelings were received by Chinatsu’s mother, who perceived Madoka as a wonderful woman worthy of her trust.

“Chinatsu-kun, let’s be even happier from now on.

Wherever and whenever… You are the only reason I can smile.”


She thought she was whispering quietly, but it seemed to have reached Chinatsu to some extent.

The sight of Chinatsu looking up with his chin resting on Madoka’s ample b*****s made Madoka’s motherhood swell up tremendously inside her.

“…I wanted to meet you earlier.

I wanted to know Chinatsu-kun earlier.

I wanted to connect with you earlier.

I wanted you to hold me earlier.”

It would be useless to say such a thing now, but Madoka thought for a moment.

She wanted to bury the time she shared with her ex, who no longer even remained in her memory, in eternal darkness, and to color it all with the days she spent with Chinatsu… Now, let’s drown more and more, wherever it takes us, Madoka thought as she hugged Chinatsu.


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