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Chapter 20 – A New Day Begins

In the morning, Chinatsu woke up to the sound of birds singing in his ears.

As he sat up, rubbing his heavy eyelids, her sweet voice echoed slightly.

“Nnn… Suu~”

With a startled look, Chinatsu turned his attention next to him.

There was Madoka, still sleeping, curling her body up as if she felt a slight chill even in her sleeping state.

“…Ah, it’s cold, isn’t it”

With a huff, Chinatsu laid down again and covered themselves with the quilt.

Perhaps a little less cold, Madoka’s sleeping face was once again peaceful, and she drew closer to Chinatsu, who was lying next to her.


There, Chinatsu finally remembered what had happened last night.

He fell in love with Madoka and enjoyed her body while being spoiled by her.

And as if surrendering to that flow, he became even more deeply connected with Madoka.


Just remembering it brought a pool of heat to his cheeks, and those memories came back vividly.

Madoka’s s**y expressions and gestures, and her mature receptiveness in leading the younger Chinatsu… For Chinatsu, it was a first experience that would forever be etched in his memory.

“Madoka-san… You’re really amazing.”

It might have sounded dirty, but Madoka’s body was truly exquisite.

A beautiful woman with such an enchanting body came at him with smooth white skin that felt good to the touch, large, soft and firm H-cup b*****s… How could he not fall for this

“…Is it only half past five”

Chinatsu woke up a little early, but he couldn’t fall back asleep.

So he turned his body and looked at Madoka’s face.

“…You have a really beautiful sleeping face.”

He always thought Madoka was a beautiful woman, but now that they were in this new relationship, Madoka was looking even more beautiful.

She was older than Chinatsu, but her sleeping face was as innocent as that of a young girl.

He reached for Madoka’s cheek.

The feeling of smooth, glutinous skin was very pleasant.

But since he was touching her in such a way, it was natural for her to open her eyes.



Madoka opened her eyes, and what she saw in her eyes was of course Chinatsu’s face.

Madoka blinked for a while, but then, perhaps having swallowed the situation, she smiled in a way that would make the opposite s*x fall in love with her and embraced Chinatsu.

“Good morning, Chinatsu-kun♪”


Good morning, Madoka-san.”

Thus, the two met on their first morning as lovers.

After hugging Madoka for a while, she let go of Chinatsu’s body and turned on the heating.

Then they hugged each other again until they were warm.

“…This is not a dream, is it”

“Of course.

It’s all real… Yesterday I connected with Chinatsu-kun.

I promised to make love to you, didn’t I”


Yes, it was definitely not a dream.

Madoka and Chinatsu vowed to make love, she vowed to be the only one for Chinatsu, and Chinatsu vowed to stay by Madoka’s side for the rest of their lives, drowning in her.

“Nnn! Hah~♪”

Madoka got up and stretched out her arms, making a pleasant sound.

Madoka was wearing a pair of pajamas with a cute loose-fitting character on them and a soft, fluffy texture, but there was a big bulge in them, as if to say there was something in there.

“Fufu, I wonder if just looking at them will satisfy you I told you already, didn’t I Chinatsu-kun, you can be spoiled with me, I’m already Chinatsu-kun’s only woman.”

Those words even sounded as if they were being said to Chinatsu.

It was not strange for Chinatsu to be spoiled by Madoka, and it was obvious that Madoka was only for Chinatsu… Those words were like a reminder to Chinatsu that he could do whatever he wanted and in whatever way he wanted.



He jumped into Madoka’s chest with his arms outstretched.

The elasticity that was directly transmitted because she was not wearing underwear felt very good, even through the pajamas.

Madoka was smiling as if she was gazing at her beloved one, as Chinatsu was being pampered by her.

Chinatsu and Madoka made out like that for a while, but then decided to leave the bed to make breakfast.

“Why don’t you eat over here today”

“Are you sure”

“Yes… I just want to spend more time with you, even if only for a little longer.

You know what I mean, don’t you”


You’re being a little prescient, as if to say so, Madoka poked at Chinatsu’s chest with her index finger, and Chinatsu scratched his head and nodded.

Chinatsu then went to the living room and watched as Madoka prepared breakfast.


He stared at Madoka happily making breakfast in a daze.

It was a special feeling being with her from the moment he woke up in the morning, but watching her make breakfast like this was another happy sight.

“It’s done.”


Then, he ate the breakfast Madoka had prepared for him before heading back to his room to change his clothes and started preparing.


It was not a dream, it was all real, but Chinatsu still couldn’t quite swallow it.

He was going out with the woman of his dreams, and even had a physical relationship with her, and Madoka had told him much about her feelings, but he still felt like he was in a dream.

He smiled and thought that he would be in a flustered mood like this for a while, but then he got himself cleaned up and headed back to Madoka’s room.

“…It’s this warmth and scent.”

Her presence was already etched in Chinatsu’s body and mind to the extent that he felt more at home in Madoka’s room than in his own.

It was definitely proof that Chinatsu had been dyed by Madoka, and also proof that he wanted her irresistibly.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Chinatsu-kun.”

“No, no, you look beautiful today, Madoka-san.”

As she dressed in plain clothes to head off to university, Chinatsu gave her his honest feedback.

The jacket didn’t reveal much of her body, but the violent lines of her body would be emphasized when she was wearing only the jumper underneath.

But only Chinatsu could keep it all to himself in this world.

“Thank you, Chinatsu-kun♪”


They looked at each other and slowly moved their faces closer.

The change in Chinatsu’s state of mind was easy to understand, as he had changed from yesterday and became more aggressive.

Madoka did not just accept such a Chinatsu without doing anything, as she went out of her way to create the atmosphere for him to do so.

“…At this rate, I would want to stay here with Madoka-san.”

Those were words that could destroy a high school student’s job, but of course Chinatsu understood that it was unacceptable.

That is how much he did not want to be separated from Madoka.

Chinatsu said it simply because he was lonely, but when Madoka saw that, she was so happy that she loosened her cheeks.

“Don’t worry, Chinatsu-kun, you can stay with me as long as you want when you get back.

Besides, I’m lonely too, you know If I could, I’d like to be alone with Chinatsu-kun in the house forever, just you and me in the world without any noise from outside… But that’s impossible.

You understand, don’t you, Chinatsu-kun”


“…You’re so cute…!”

Madoka thought it would be okay if she saw a frail Chinatsu, but she immediately shook her head.

Madoka was not lying at all in what she just said to Chinatsu, and she was sure that he wanted to do so.

However, she would do what she had to do and enjoy her time with Chinatsu to the fullest… Madoka thought it was important.

“Chinatsu-kun, let’s do our best for today as well.”


Yes, when they were to return home, they would have a happy time where no one would disturb them.

Both Chinatsu and Madoka couldn’t wait for that time to come now.

They left the flat together and headed halfway as before, exchanging only a touch of kisses before parting.

The day began with both of them wanting each other and being troubled in a sense by their unstoppable feelings for each other.

For Chinatsu, it was a day with the person he drowned in, and for Madoka, it was a day with the person she pledged to give everything to and love… It was literally the beginning of a love where everything was intertwined.


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