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Chapter 14 – I Want to be Pampered Again

The night Shirayuki and Ryoma came to visit me.

A day’s rest helped me get back to normal.

On their way home, they told me not to get too excited and catch another fever.

“Fufu, don’t get too excited, she said.”


There were no words I could reply with.

In the end, at that time, I felt Madoka-san’s overwhelming volume and softness on my face, and my face turned red.

“Anyway, I heard it from Shirayuki-san.”

“Heard what”

When I asked her that, Madoka-san moved her body closer to me.

Her beautiful black hair shook and tickled a little against her cheeks, but I was more concerned about the sweet scent that wafted from Madoka-san.

“That you said I have big t**s, and was a beautiful, kind older sister.”


That damned Shirayuki said too much!

A beautiful and kind older sister is good at all, but she didn’t have to say about the big t**s part! Moreover, I said they were huge before and she called me naughty!

“I was so embarrassed when Shirayuki-san told me…”

“I-I’m sorry…”

I just looked down.

Seeing me like that, Madoka-san laughed and said she wasn’t angry with me.

Anyway, I’m glad she’s not offended.

Anyway, after they left, it was late in the evening.

I had to get ready for a bath soon.

“Thank you so much for today, Madoka-san.”

“Hmm No, that’s fine, but…”


Why did Madoka-san tilt her head I didn’t say anything strange, did I I was a bit nervous, but I’m sure I didn’t say anything strange.

“Madoka-san, I’m going to prepare the bath now.”

“Do you need any help”

“I’m fine! I’ve fully recovered already!”

I struck a muscle pose to show my energy.

She said she was glad to hear that and went back to her room for a while.

From the looks of it, it seems she’ll be back again… For now, let’s just get ready for the bath.


When I returned after preparing the bath, Madoka-san had returned.

“Ah, I’m back, Chinatsu-kun.”

“…Welcome back.”

Oh, this is the best exchange I’ve ever had.

“Well then, Chinatsu-kun, let’s take a bath♪”

“Ah, yes… Hmm”

I just nodded, but what did Madoka just say I should’ve listened more carefully.

As if prompted by the smiling Madoka-san, I headed for the bathroom…together with her.

“Um… Madoka-san”

“What’s wrong… Could it be that Chinatsu-kun is asking me to go home now I’ve already decided to take care of Chinatsu-kun for the rest of the day♪”

“…And that includes bathing too”

“Of course! Fufu, you can’t run away now, okay~”

In front of me, Madoka-san took off her clothes.

Naturally I had to quickly look away.

I heard a shuffling sound of clothes being taken off, and then I heard something fall with a thud.

“It’s okay, Chinatsu-kun, just leave everything to me.

Let this older sister take care of you.

Come on…take off your clothes.”

I did as she asked and took off my clothes.

I guess I was getting desperate, too, after all that happened.

Besides… I was quite thrilled and excited to take a bath with Madoka-san, whom I have always dreamed of.

“…Ah, I have to properly put this.”


Wearing black lace underwear, Madoka-san put her fingers in her cleavage and pulled something out.

It was a silver key.

…It was definitely the duplicate key I gave her.

“I put it in here so I wouldn’t lose it.”


I’m sorry for staring.

Madoka-san, who had a towel wrapped around her body, pushed me into the bathroom… It’s quite funny, this is supposed to be my room, but Madoka-san is still the one doing everything.

“I brought you some shampoo and stuff I use.

It smells good and if you like it, I’ll recommend it to Chinatsu-kun.”


I could barely reply back.

When I entered the bathroom, I was made to sit on the bathtub stand, and Madoka-san took out the shower to check the temperature.

She then rinsed my head and then my back.

“How is it”

“It feels good.”

“Thank goodness♪”

…It’s bad, my head is starting to feel flustered.

I’m so nervous I can’t think about anything.

I didn’t expect Madoka-san to go to such lengths, and I was half happy and half confused.

…I denied that it was possible, that Madoka-san would never do things like this.

As I struggled with this in my mind–Madoka-san stopped her hands.

“…This back protected Shirayuki-san.

It’s a really big back.”

“Ah… Did you hear about it by any chance”


Shirayuki-san said she really didn’t forgive herself at the time.”

Did Shirayuki tell her that much

Indeed, for a few days after that incident, Shirayuki was really down.

As for me, I asked her to treat me the same way as before, rather than feeling sorry for me.

It happened because I was getting nosy anyway.

“She said she was saved by Chinatsu-kun.”

“Saved… I didn’t do that–”

“Humility is not a good thing.”

Madoka-san hugged me from behind.

Madoka-san’s hands passed under my armpits and went around my stomach, and I felt a soft thing on my back.

Even though she was wrapped in a towel, the feeling was direct.

“Chinatsu-kun, you saved me as well as Shirayuki-san.

With your hands, with your back, you saved us.

You’re the one that saved us…so don’t tell me you didn’t do anything big.”


“Hmm~, Chinatsu-kun, maybe you should realize what you’ve done once.

Here’s one woman whose values have been changed so much because you saved her–Eh”

“What’s wrong”

Suddenly, Madoka-san’s hand reached out and touched my nose a little.

When I was wondering what happened, I saw a bright red liquid in front of me.

“Chinatsu-kun, your nose is bleeding.”


I did think the top of my nose was hot earlier… But this is what would normally happen in a situation like this! Anyway, I left the bath immediately afterwards.

Suddenly getting a nosebleed… It couldn’t be helped, okay Still, I guess I was a little disappointed because I was in puberty.

Then, while feeling incredibly aroused at the sight of Madoka-san coming out of the bath, she asked me to come over to her place for dinner and we moved on.

Like yesterday, I was treated to Madoka-san’s home-cooked meal and was very satisfied.

“…I want to eat this forever.”

“Oh my♪”

I was so taken by her smile that I couldn’t help but hear her murmurings.

After we finished washing the dishes together, I nodded at Madoka-san’s suggestion that we talk some more and we sat next to each other on the sofa.

“Chinatsu-kun, do you really think your cold is better now”

“Yes… I’m sure it will be fine.

But I’m worried that it might have moved on to Madoka-san.”

“Fufu, we were certainly quite close, weren’t we”

We even took a bath together…

Just remembering it makes me hot and bothered, but I’ll remember it when I’m alone and grin broadly.

“Well, then …”

“Yes… Let’s continue at some other time.”



After that, I went to the front door and turned to Madoka-san again.

“Thank you so much for today, Madoka-san.”

“It’s okay.

It’s what I wanted to do.”


I almost cried out at Madoka-san’s kindness, and at the same time I realized once again that I really love this person.

I almost said I loved her with all my might, but… I wondered what she thought of me.



Just before I left the room, Madoka-san put her face close to my ear.

“Remember what I told you today, okay Remember that you have someone you can rely on, someone who’ll spoil you.”


“You can be spoiled by me anytime, okay Every time you want, I’ll wrap you up, Chinatsu-kun.

I’ll do this to you anytime, anywhere.”

Saying that, Madoka hugged me.

…Every time I get hugged like this, I start thinking.

Apart from the happiness overflowing in my chest, the feeling of not wanting to leave Madoka-san gradually became unstoppable…

“…I want to be pampered again.”

Madoka-san chuckled at the words that came out naturally.

I felt somewhat uncomfortable with her smile, but I got to feel the warmth and softness of Madoka-san a little longer.


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