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1202 Slapping Randall and Victoria!

At this moment, Victorias raised right hand was also slightly trembling.

This was because it was definitely not easy for her to attack Jordan and the man she loved the most in her life.

In her mind, she recalled many past memories of the two of them and the moment they fell in love.

She thought of how she had driven her Panamera in New York and said to Jordan with a smile, “Ill take care of you.”

She recalled how Jordan had protected her and given her so much love.

She recalled that Jordan was still willing to give Victoria an extravagant wedding even though he knew that she had been raped by Shaun.

However, even so, Victoria had to do this to Jordan because that was the only way to stop the conflict between Jordan and Randall from deepening.

If Randall was really angry one day and wanted to attack Jordan or even start a war, Victoria was worried that the consequences to Jordan would be even worse.

Victoria had already launched a mental attack on Jordan.

In her opinion, Jordan was already under her control.

“Step forward.



Apologize to your uncle.

Say you shouldnt have killed Lincoln!”

Victoria ordered Jordan slowly.

The mutants looked like they were watching a good show.

However, the people on Jordans side, especially Park Sora, were not worried at all.

Instead, they looked like they were looking forward to it.

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This was because they knew very well that Jordan was a golden mutant.

Victoria would definitely not be able to control him.

Everyone looked at Jordan to see his next move.

Jordan really took a step forward and arrived in front of Victoria and Randall.

The distance between them could be said to be within reach.

Randall smiled.

He felt that Jordan was now under Victorias control.

He held Victorias hand even more fearlessly.

Seeing this, Jordan was furious!

Victoria was his woman, but now, she was being held by Randall! Moreover, the two of them wanted Jordan to kneel and apologize to them!

As a Deity and a golden mutant, how could he tolerate such humiliation!



Jordan did not kneel in front of Randall and Victoria.

Instead, he extended his hands and crossed his arms.

He aimed at Randall and Victorias faces and slapped them!

Jordan attacked Randall with his left hand and Victoria with his right.

This time, he did not hold back.

He used all his strength and the two of them were knocked to the ground.

They flew from their seats to the ground.



Randall and Victoria fell to the ground, their faces red from the beating.

Randalls physical resistance seemed to be very strong.

Although they were sent flying, they did not vomit blood and the part of their face that was hit was not very obvious.

However, the palm print on Victorias face was obvious.

It was clearly red and she even spat out blood.

Jordan did not hold back when he slapped Victoria because he knew that Victoria was no longer an ordinary woman.

She was a purple mutant and her body could withstand his full strength slap.

Coupled with the fact that he saw the two of them holding hands just now and recalled that they were now husband and wife, Jordan could not take this lying down and could not hold back!

“Well played!”

Park Sora smiled happily at the side.

She knew that Jordan would not endure being bullied by Randall and Victoria.

The reason why he did not attack earlier was because he was waiting for them to provoke him first.

One of them was Jordans uncle while the other was Jordans ex-lover.

If Jordan used his golden ability to deal with them directly, it would probably be difficult.

However, if they provoked Jordan first, they could not blame him.

“Chief! Victoria!”

When the mutants saw this, they were all stunned.

Randall also felt very embarrassed.

His subordinates actually saw him being slapped by his nephew.

Randall got up immediately.

However, he did not charge at Jordan.

Instead, he questioned Victoria, “Victoria, you didnt control him You still love him, right Is it that you cant bear to lay your hands on him Oh my, youre killing me! Why didnt you say so earlier if you didnt want to do it!”

Victoria slowly stood up with a surprised expression.

“How could this be… how could this be… I clearly used a mental attack on him just now.

I swear, I didnt lie to you.

Could it be that hes immune to my mental attacks”

Hearing this, Randall and Victoria were shocked.

Randall thought about it carefully and said, “Impossible.

Hes not a golden mutant.

How can he be immune to your attacks Victoria, dont lie to me.

If you dont want to attack him, you can just say it.

I wont force you!”

Victoria felt wronged.

“I… I really didnt.

Ill try again.”

Victoria faced Jordan again and attacked him mentally.


Victoria gave Jordan this order.

However, in the current situation, how could Jordan be in the mood to laugh

Therefore, Jordan naturally did not cooperate.

He still had a very serious expression.

“Hahaha, Im dying of laughter.”

Park Sora could not help but laugh out loud when she saw Victoria trying to control Jordan so foolishly.

Victoria put down her hands and looked at Randall.

“It doesnt work, it really doesnt work.

I swear, Im not lying to you.”

Randall also believed that Victoria was not lying.

Perhaps Victoria was unwilling to make Jordan kneel, but laughing should not be difficult.

However, Jordan still did not do so.

This meant that Victorias mental control was useless against Jordan.

“Is it because he is a Deity that his mental resistance is so strong I once heard him say that Shauns mother wanted to control his mind but ended up dying from the backlash,” Victoria wondered.

Randall frowned and fell into deep thought.

A Deitys spiritual power was naturally not weak.

However, what level was Shauns mother at How could she be compared to the purple mutant Victoria

In Randalls opinion, even if Jordan was a Deity and had extraordinary mental strength, Victoria should be able to control him at her level.

However, it seemed like it was indeed ineffective now.

Randall had no choice but to accept this fact.

Randall nodded.


Victoria was shocked.

If Jordan was immune to her mental control, her purple ability would be useless against him.

It meant that she was no longer a threat to Jordan.

At that moment, Randall walked toward Jordan unhappily.

“Bastard! You brat, youre getting more and more outrageous.

How dare you hit Victoria and me Im your uncle! How did the Steeles have such an unfilial son like you! Do you think you can be fearless just because youre immune to Victorias mental attacks

“You seem to have forgotten that Im a golden mutant! When Victoria dealt with you, she was only controlling you with her mind.

If I were to make a move, Im afraid it wouldnt be as simple as asking you to kneel and apologize!”

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