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He is the President of Sheng Yuan (4)

The smile softened his features and made him look far more approachable. It also had a slight warmth to it.

Pei Qiqi found herself in a daze with her lips parted. Only after a long while did she find her voice again. Somewhat hoarse, she said, “I need 100 million.”

After she spoke, her entire body went limp. Her feet and hands were ice cold.

She had stated a price to a man.

She didnt know whether or not she was worth this much to him!

Tang Yu stared at her profoundly. Beside him, Meng Qingcheng had already handed over the checks. –

Lets go, it was very worth it!

“My name is Tang Yu!” He suddenly said. Then, he took over the checkbook, wrote down a number, ripped it out, and placed it in her hand.

Pei Qiqis lowered her gaze as she stared at the check…

It was his name… Tang Yu.

The man who bought her.

Pei Qiqi suddenly stood up and walked to the door.

“Hey…” Meng Qingcheng called out, but Tang Yu stopped him.

Her feet still hurt, but she walked toward the door with determination.

After she opened the door, she saw Zhou Meilins face. A face that was slightly swollen due to too much skincare and also a face that was originally beautiful, but because of how unkind she was, now looked ugly.

She stepped forward one foot at a time, dangled the check before Zhou Meilin, and said coldly, “From today onwards, we are no longer involved!”

Zhou Meilin was a little startled. However, she looked over the check and the astronomical number….

She had always wanted to sell Pei Qiqi for a good price. And now, her wish had been fulfilled. However, as she stared into Pei Qiqis eyes, she shuddered.

Money was a great object. The Pei family needed money…

She held tightly onto the check and then made an empty threat in a cold voice, “Pei Qiqi, I will never ask about anything related to you from now on! As for Pei Minghe, you should know what we should say to him to make all this sound decent!”

Why wouldnt Pei Qiqi know She mockingly lifted the corner of her lips.

Zhou Meilin returned Pei Qiqis purse to her. “I will pack up all your stuff. For the stuff that you dont want, those are for you to deal with!”

“I will go back and retrieve them!” Pei Qiqi shouted back unexpectedly.

Zhou Meilin gawked at her for a while before she left… After all, Tang Yu wasnt someone she could provoke. Plus, compared to the 30 million Mr. Zhong was willing to offer, his 100 million was more than double!

Pei Qiqi stood there until her feet hurt far too much. Only then, did she head back inside.

Tang Yu leaned against the door and looked incomparably graceful.

She didnt appreciate him. For a man to be so generous towards a woman meant they only wanted one thing.

She didnt realize just how much value her young body was to him. After all, with all the qualities he had, there were plenty of beautiful women who would love to approach him.

Heading back to his suite, Meng Qingcheng spoke in a formal and business-y tone, “Ms. Pei, heres the contract that we require you to sign!”

Though business is business, to such a young girl, all of this seemed a little cruel.

But Tang Yu never felt bad about these kinds of things.

The lawyer had drafted a contract in a short period of time. To put it bluntly, it was a contract for him to financially support her.

One hundred million has gained him ownership over her entire life… Well, until Tang Yu got sick and tired of her…

Pei Qiqi merely roughly scanned the contract and then without hesitation, signed her name.

Meng Qingcheng thought this was a little wasteful...

But to Pei Qiqi, why did this matter Since the day she was born, she had already lost her life.

The lawyer took back the contract and bid his farewell. Meng Qingcheng also had no reason to stay and so he left after a few exchanges.

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Tang Yu then softly said, “Tomorrow morning, come here and bring her to the condo in the Summer City!”



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