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He is The President of Sheng Yuan (3)

Zhou Meilin checked out the group of people who arrived. Her lips quivered but in the end, she didnt have the guts to make a sound. Mr. Zhongs words had a lasting and shocking effect.

Meng Qingcheng slowly closed the door. The doctor was now right in front of Pei Qiqi and at one glance, he had figured out what had happened.

“Mr. Tang!” Naturally, he knew Tang Yu. After giving him a nod, he kneeled and looked up to Pei Qiqi. Then, he smiled gently and said, “When we disinfect the wounds, it may hurt a little.”

Pei Qiqi bit her lip and acknowledged it. She currently felt many complex emotions.

She felt unsettled and overwhelmed by this unexpected kindness. All of this made her seem like a bird who had been startled by the strung of a bow.

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The doctor opened up his medical case. While he held onto her small foot, he cleaned up her wounds…

Though he was now in his 40s with a wonderful family and a righteous worldview, the foot of such a beautiful woman still made his heart uncontrollably skip a beat. This had nothing to do with sentiments, it was just a natural instinct for men, called a tempted heart.

Tang Yu lightly glared at him.

The doctor quickly restrained his thoughts and focused on the wound. Just as he had said, even though he was doing everything gently, the pain still made Pei Qiqi furrow her brows and inhale rhythmically.

Meng Qingcheng stared at all this for a while and then looked over to his own presidents unnatural expression. He had also guessed this mans grim intentions and couldnt help but to chuckle.

A girl this beautiful truly did make others… want to treasure her.

After the doctor cleaned the wound, he wrapped a thin layer of bandage around her foot and then stayed in his current position before he looked up to her with a raised head. He smiled. “Dont let your foot touch any water and youll be healed in two days!”

“Thank you!” Pei Qiqi responded gently.

The doctor grinned but didnt speak any more words with her. He stood up straight and said, “Mr. Tang, the wound isnt severe. I will leave now. If possible, go to the hospital tomorrow to get a new layer of medicine applied to the wound. Or, I can come here and do it too!”

“Qingcheng will give you a call when the time comes!” Tang Yu said lightly. His words made Meng Qingcheng realize he had other plans.

After the doctor left, the atmosphere turned silent and eerie. Pei Qiqi sat there very unnaturally, not sure what she should say.

Tang Yu gestured for the lawyer to take a seat and he took a seat opposite of Pei Qiqi. His tone was somewhat kind, “I think you came to me to help you out with something.”

Pei Qiqis gaze shot upwards and she looked a little surprised… How could someone like him not know her intention As for these two, one seemed to be a close friend of his, and the other looked like a lawyer.

She didnt speak. Tang Yu continued, “Someones giving you a hard time, am I right”

She nodded bitterly.

He then faintly smiled. “If you want, we can sign a contract…”

He spoke softly, “I will buy you. As for how much money you need, you can speak of a number!”

Though she expected him to make this rule and this was her original intention, Pei Qiqi hesitated.

Someone who made Mr. Zhong so utterly terrified… was that someone she could provoke

“Of course, you may also choose to leave!” Tang Yus body leaned back in a relaxed manner. His tone was emotionless.

He was no philanthropist. If she wasnt willing, then he wasnt going to ask her about her current situation...

There were prices to his kind-heartedness.

Pei Qiqis tiny hand tightened. At that moment, she remembered the way Pei Minghe laid in the hospital and remembered Zhou Meilins restless coercion…

Her nails dug deeply into her skin and her pink fingertips turned lighter and lighter. Her flesh was in pain and in a daze, she heard his soft voice, “You should get rid of your bad habits. Or else I will have to invite the doctor over again.”

She snapped back to reality and looked up to him with a raised head. Somehow, there was a faint smile in his gaze.



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