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He is The President of Sheng Yuan (2)

Tang Yu glanced over at the pair before he gently said, “I have a bill I need to go over with your daughter. Last night, she forcefully slept with me five times!”

Mr. Zhongs forehead began to perspire with sweat. Then, the elegant looking man continued, “It led to me being unable to attend an important meeting. I straight up lost 200 million!”

“Mr. Tang, I am sorry for all the disturbance this cost!” Mr. Zhong gulped, hard. Then in secret, he glared violently at Zhou Meilin.

What a bringer of back luck! Look at all the trouble shes caused him!

Zhou Meilin hasnt even figured out what was going on but Tang Yu had already shut the door.

She gritted her teeth and wanted to go up there and knock on the door. However, Mr. Zhong stopped her, “Ms. Zhou, Mr. Tang is the president of Sheng Yuan!”

Sheng Yuan

The business empire that has dominated City B, or rather, the entire northern region

Zhou Meilin let her raised hand fall back down. Mr. Zhongs voice rose again, “I definitely cannot take your daughter as my wife…”

He wouldnt have the guts to!

To bring home a woman that Mr. Tang has touched… was he tired of living

Mr. Zhong left very quickly. When the opportunity comes, he will need to specifically explain how hes had nothing to do with all this…

But this will also depend on Tang Yus attitude towards Pei Qiqi.

Now that hes thought about it, what a pity. Hes seen many beautiful women in his life, but it was truly rare to find someone as heartbreakingly beautiful as Pei Qiqi.

Outside the door, Zhou Meilin was left alone. She felt much fear, some excitement, but also some unwillingness.

Pondering about it even more made her realize that for someone with Mr. Tangs background, at most, he was playing around with Pei Qiqi, for why would he ever consider marrying her!

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Inside the suite, on the other side of the door, Pei Qiqi looked up to Tang Yu. Her lips quivered.

He stared at her, then at her feet, “Go sit over there on the sofa. I will ask a doctor to come and bandage you up.”

His original plan wasnt to stay here tonight. But strangely, he decided to stay an extra night.

And he encountered her…

The scene from just now annoyed him a little. If they waited for Meng Qingcheng to find her, that man with the last name Zhong wouldve…

His brows furrowed as he found out that he somewhat cared.

This made him feel unpleasant.

Pei Qiqi pursed her lips and carefully walked over, then she shot a look towards the door.

Tang Yu knew what she was worried about but didnt call her out on it. Instead, he sat on the sofa opposite her and very naturally crossed his legs. His movements were extremely graceful and pleasant to the eyes.

He picked up the cellphone that was beside him and called Meng Qingcheng, “Help me find a surgical doctor. Someone highly skilled!”

Though it was just the bottom of her feet, a scar wouldnt look good. More importantly, it would taint how it felt to the touch.

From the other end, Meng Qingcheng was a little surprised. “You are hurt”

“You dont need to help me find that girl anymore! She is here with me.” Tang Yu didnt give a straight answer and hung up the phone.

He stared into Pei Qiqis eyes and then faintly smiled before he inched in closer, “Other than sleeping with me, you also bit me… have you forgotten”

Pei Qiqi raised her head as she stared into his eyes. She found it difficult to look away…

On the other end, Meng Qingcheng was stunned for a long while before he realized what happened. That person was right there and the one injured was also…

As he sat there in a daze, Tang Yu called again, “You should also come here. Plus, bring a lawyer!”

Lawyer It seemed like something has happened!

Meng Qingcheng shook his head and immediately contacted someone…

After half an hour, the specialist from City Bs surgical department, a lawyer, and Meng Qingcheng, all appeared in front of the presidential suite.

When Meng Qingcheng saw Zhou Meilin, her eyes rolled back so hard they almost flipped all the way around… the woman Tang Yu found was this old woman

His taste sure was prudent!

Just as he thought about this, the door opened.

From the dim light that shone through the ajar door, he saw a woman on the sofa dressed in a black dress. Her black hair draped down her back to her waist and covered up half of her face. Though only part of her face was revealed, she was beautiful enough to shock the soul.



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