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You Want to Walk Away Cleanly (5)

Zhou Mei Lin stared deadly into her eyes, “You damn girl, how dare you talk to me like this!”

She then sneered coldly again, “You think now that youve grown up, your wings have also hardened You think you can just walk away from all of this You have to think about Pei Minghe in the hospital, hes your father... if you want to walk away cleanly, you will have to see if he can stay alive if the company bankrupts!”

Pei Qiqis face became pale.

Zhou Meilin attacked her soft spot!

For Pei Qiqi, nothing in this world compared to Pei Minghe.

“Think about it, your dad has always regarded you as his treasured heart and soul. If you want to be an ingrate, I wont stop you!” Zhou Meilins eyes swept over her, “you are as skanky as your mother!”

Pei Qiqi has heard this so many times, she was numb to it.

Shes never bothered to ask anyone who her mother was. For her, the woman who left her was not worthy of her love. Her only family was Pei Minghe.

Zhou Meilin left. Pei Qiqi vaguely heard her speak on the phone; her tone sounded very pleasant.

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The one on the other end was... Mr. Zhong.

When she came out of the bathroom, Zhou Meilins complexion looked a lot better. “Mr. Zhong doesnt care about what happened last night. Of course, you have to be obedient in the future.”

Pei Qiqi raised her eyes and looked at Zhou Meilin. A look that made Zhou Meilin tremble.

She was most annoyed by this look and hated this look the most.

“Auntie, you must hate me very much.” Pei Qiqi said and laughed despite herself. “I think so. If I have a birthmother, why would she be willing to marry me off to an old man!”

She said absentmindedly, then walked to the bed, pulled up the sheets, and laid down. “Auntie, I will go at night. For now, I want to take a break,” She said, her voice sounded exhausted.

Zhou Meilin was annoyed and was about to blow up, but then she remembered that she had no idea what was done to Pei Qiqi last night. Plus, she had to serve Mr. Zhong tonight. If she doesnt have a good rest now, how could she serve later

So she let it go and left the room.

As the door closed, Pei Qiqi covered her face with the quilt ...

At night, Zhou Meilin took her to the same hotel as yesterday. Mr. Zhong was a minority shareholder of that hotel, so he and Zhou Meilin always met up there.

She saw how obedient Pei Qiqi was and sneered inside –

Sure enough, after being taken by someone, she doesnt care anymore. She has the same qualities as that skank. Maybe after Mr. Zhong no longer wants her, Pei Qiqi can be sold again for a good price. After all, she is a rare beauty.

When the car stopped, Zhou Meilin quickly handed a small item to Pei Qiqi, her voice low and rushed, “Eat this!”

Pei Qiqi looked down through the faint light and saw that it was a box of Plan B.

“About last night, I think Mr. Zhong wouldnt want someone elses seeds left inside you!” Zhou Meilin lowered her voice as she feared the driver in the front would hear.

She was mean to Pei Qiqi, but she pretended to be very nice to her to outsiders.

Pei Qiqi looked at it, opened the box, and took out two small pills from inside. Without any water, she swallowed the pills dry.

Her swift actions shocked Zhou Meilin. This girl had a soft appearance, but her heart was one-of-a-kind cold. With Pei Minghe in the hospital, she must take the opportunity to eliminate this girl.

Pei Qiqi ate too fast. After she swallowed the pills, she dry coughed a few times.

“Dont embarrass Mr. Zhong later. Mr. Zhong is a person with power and status.” Zhou Meilin said as she got out of the car. Then led by the hotel manager, she took Pei Qiqi into the luxurious hall.

Pei Qiqi suddenly covered her mouth and startled Zhou Meilin.

Pei Qiqis expression looked like she was in a bit of pain, “Auntie, I want to go to the bathroom.”



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