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You Want to Walk Away Cleanly (4)

When Pei Minghe heard this, the apple in his hand almost fell; he was on the verge of crying. This Pei Qiqi kid, she looked tough, but she had a softer heart than anyone.

He reached out to touch his little daughters hair. It was black and soft, very similar to that person.

That person, back in her days, was one of the most beautiful women in City B. So many men have fallen for her, and he was only just one of the many.

He was very aware of the fact that Pei Qiqi was not his own kid. However, when she came to him with Qiqi in her arms, when he saw her tender little face and soft small body, Pei Minghe took her in despite how unfair all this was to him.

At that time, that person... was already married. She was no longer his to long for.

Pei Qiqi had her looks, but not her personality.

“Stupid, you dont need to tell me for me to know whats going on!” Pei Minghe held back his tears and tried to fake a casual tone, “When your dad gets back on his feet, I will secretly buy you a condo for yourself so you dont have to put up with any of this anymore!”

It seemed that he had many thoughts on his mind, “Pei Qiqi, you have grown…”

He sobbed while he spoke.

Pei Qiqi knew very well of the difficult position he was in; to be between her and Zhou Meilin. She said quietly, “Dad, theres no need. My only wish is that you stay healthy.”

“Its just a little stroke, not a big deal!” Pei Minghe tapped her small hands. “Okay, you should go back. Your auntie will come by later…”

Pei Qiqi nodded. She knew Zhou Meilin comes by every day around 8:30 am.

But she didnt expect that by the time she arrived back at her home on Qing Shui road, Zhou Meilin would still be there.

She sat in the living room and looked Pei Qiqi up and down before ridiculing, “You willingly came back”

“Auntie!” Pei Qiqi stood by the door and her back straightened, alarmed.

Zhou Meilin raised her eyebrows. “What, are you afraid that I would drug youPei Qiqi, Mr. Zhong is not someone whos available all the time. You should know that your dad is in the hospital and the Pei Corporation owes millions in debts. How can all that be paid off Mr. Zhong has wealth and status. For him to be willing to marry an orphan like you in a situation like this, is an opportunity that cannot be topped.”

Pei Qiqi shook with anger.

An opportunity

That Zhong person was already fifty years old and was almost entirely bald.

She laughed despite her anger. “I think auntie should think of Pei Huan for this great opportunity!

All of Zhou Meilins life, she hated this little brat the most. She had always shown no particular emotion towards her, and only Ming He treasured her.

She laughed coldly. “Pei Huan has a boyfriend. The one who goes to the same school as you – Lin Jinrong. He has a good family background and is a perfect fit with Pei Huan.”

As soon as she finished, Pei Qiqi felt a wave a coldness pass through her body…

Lin Jinrong and Pei Huan are together!

She straightened her back, unable to move an inch.

After a long pause, she closed her eyes, “Really” She quickly walked back to her room, closed the door, and leaned against it.

Her tiny face pointed slightly upwards as tears rolled down one by one…

In one night, everything changed.

She lost her first time against her will and lost… the person she liked.

And this person is now together with her little sister Pei Huan.

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Even though she called her, her little sister, Pei Huan was a few days older than her. However, since Zhou Meilin didnt want Pei Huan to get the short end of the stick, she insisted Pei Qiqi be the older sister.

Older sisters always yielded to younger sisters, right

Pei Qiqi raised her head, forced her tears back, and numbly walked into the bathroom. She then turned the shower on to the strongest and coldest setting and let the water wash over her body until she was numb…

The door was suddenly pulled open. Zhou Meilin stood at the entrance, then looked at Pei Qiqis young body covered with hickeys.

She shrieked, “Pei Qiqi, you little slut! Which man did you mess with out there”

Her fingers pinched Pei Qiqis arms so hard blood was about to come out.

Pei Qiqi forcefully pushed Zhou Meilins hand away. A trail of bloodstains appeared on her arm.

Droplets of water glided down her cheeks and made her face look a little fuzzy.

“Auntie, how can you not know You fed me those drugs without knowing the consequences” Pei Qiqi suddenly chuckled, “You must be disappointed.”



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