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Public vs. Personal Matter (5)

Pei Huans voice suddenly turned gentle, “Pei Qiqi, mom and I dont want you to move out, yet you insisted on moving out with a man. If you get abandoned one day, remember to come back!”

This mustve been the most evil curse.

Pei Qiqi was used to the performance of this daughter mother duo. The only thing she wasnt used to was that Lin Jinrong was there also.

To her, this was ugly.

By now, she had completely understood the intention behind Zhou Meilin and Pei Huan. Even more, she now realized that the reason why Zhou Meilin tried to sell her to Mr. Zhong while her dad was in the hospital. It was all because Pei Huan liked Lin Jinrong.

Pei Qiqi smiled and stared right at Pei Huan, “Huanhuan, you as well!”

Pei Huan was furious and gritted her teeth. However, because Lin Jinrong was there, she couldnt do much.

It this was before, she wouldve went up to tear Pei Qiqis mouth off her face.

Pei Qiqi had always said Pei Huan knew how to fake it. But to Pei Huan, Pei Qiqi was the best actor. By appearance, she was clear and pure like a crystal. Yet in the end, she crawled into some rich mans bed.

She wanted to hit back but Lin Jinrong grabbed onto her wrist, “Pei Huan, enough!”

Pei Huan looked at him from the side but Lin Jinrongs gaze landed on Pei Qiqi.

“Jinrong!” Pei Huan played coy.

Lin Jinrong let go of her and remained where he stood. His voice was cold, “if theres nothing else, I will go home first!”

Pei Huan stomped her feet but didnt stop him.

When Lin Jinrong was leaving, he merely nodded towards Zhou Meilin. As for Pei Qiqi, he didnt even look at her.

Zhou Meilin wasnt happy about this. She thought Lin Jinrong didnt respect her enough. But thinking about his family background, she just sucked it up.

After he left, Pei Huans expression turned more hateful, “Are you hurt Pei Qiqi, let me tell you, Jinrong and I have been together already. We slept together already. You cannot take him away from me!”

Pei Qiqi grabbed her luggage and began to leave. Her voice was light, “Nobodys here to steal him.”

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Pei Huan basically screamed, “Stop right there!”

Pei Qiqi turned around and looked at Pei Huan, “Pei Huan, if you dont adjust how you behave, you will lose everything you have sooner or later!”

Then, she left without looking back.

Pei Huan sat down by her mother, still furious, “Mom, Im just… a little worried… After all, I was the one who drugged Jinrong. Though hes willing to take responsibility, he still likes that wrench Pei Qiqi!”

Zhou Meilin sat there and answered calmly, “What are you scared of Lin Jinrong has no idea! Plus, Pei Qiqi has now been with a man. A man whos related to Jinrong. You really still think they are a possibility”

Pei Huan laughed. That was true. When she becomes the wife of the Lin family, Pei Qiqi will remain a mistress of Tang Yu. Their identities will be very different!

Zhou Meilin added on with a heavy heart, “When you marry into the rich family, dont freak out too easily. Jinrong will think you are uneducated if you do that!”

Pei Huan agreed vocally but inside, she was thinking, “Mom, arent you the same”

Zhou Meilin then looked outside and smiled coldly, “Pei Qiqi that wrench will never reach the sky!”

Not mentioning how high positioned the Tang family was, Tang Yu fathers wife alone would never allow Pei Qiqi to marry into the Tang family. Because that would be an international joke.

However, Zhou Meilin didnt tell Pei Huan all this. Pei Huan was still young and easily influenced. She was worried that Pei Huan would lose out.



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