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You Want to Walk Away Cleanly (3)

He patiently waited until Tang Yu finally came out of the bathroom dressed in a bathrobe and casually tied belt.

Meng Qingcheng never doubted Tang Yus beauty and sexual magnetism. In City B, Tang Yu was a legend. He had an honorable family background, strong capabilities, and also a face and body that could outcompete celebrities who made money off of their looks…

It was just that Tang Yu had a flaw. And this flaw had caused him to be constantly surrounded by rumors.

He had OCD. It wasnt that he was not interested in women, it was just that whether it was his ex-girlfriends or the richly experienced women he had hired, nobody has successfully garnered his attention. So slowly, he lost interest.

Meng Qingcheng very much wanted to know just who the woman from last night was. Just as he was about to ask, Tang Yu had already spoken, “Help me find the woman from last night.”

After Pei Qiqi left the hotel, she went to a 24-hour convenience store to buy some sportswear and covered up all the red stains on her body.

She had the mans clothes in her hand. After she stared at them for a while, she decided to throw them in the trash.

The morning streets were empty with very little cars passing by. The morning light had shone through the entire citys reinforced concrete.

She stood at a relatively large bus stop and felt like her entire body was cold. From afar, bus 6 had arrived. She stepped onto the bus and found it to be almost empty inside.

Pei Qiqi sat down and tilted her head to watch the outside world…

Though Zhou Meilin had never treated her well, she still wouldve never used such a low strategy against her. Pei Minghe had gotten sick and was now at the hospital, yet Zhou Meilin acted like nothing was wrong.

None of this was over…

Pei Qiqi was both mentally and physically exhausted. She was not sure just how much longer she needed to endure until she was free.

If it werent for Pei Minghe, she would never return back to her home. But she so clearly remembered just how difficult of a time that man went through for her. To secretly treat her nicely, and to secretly give her allowances.

She closed her eyes and let the sun embrace her face. Instantly, she felt warm…

Then, she faintly smiled. A rather bitter smile.

After she got off the bus at Citys First Hospital, Pei Qiqi bought a bag of apples off the street vendor and went up to the fourth-floor neurology department.

After she entered, Pei Minghes head slightly aimed towards the door. Pei Qiqi quickly walked over. “Dad, dont move.”

She put the fruit on the side and fixed the blanket for him.

Last week, because of a financial crisis, Pei Corporations stocks plummeted. Pei Minghe suffered from a stroke while still inside the company. Though his symptoms had stabilized, he was placed under observation for another half a month before he could be released.

“Why did you come so early today” Pei Minghes gaze was fixated on her face as he asked caringly, “Did your aunt give you a hard time.”

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Pei Qiqis gaze fell. She picked up the apple from the side and began to peel it for him. Then she casually responded, “Dad, dont worry, aunties been treating me alright!”

Though she tried to comfort him, Pei Minghe still sighed. How could he not know just what kind of person Zhou Meilin was

Pei Qiqi wasnt her own biological daughter nor was she his.

Zhou Meilin hasnt been able to accept her. If she found out that Pei Qiqi wasnt even his daughter, then…

All these years, he had struggled internally. But all these struggles represented his love for Pei Qiqi.

It was all because he was too incompetent. If only he had more capabilities, then Pei Qiqi wouldnt have to endure so many hardships, and Zhou Meilin would know her place in front of him.

He wasnt currently home, so he didnt even dare to imagine what the situation at home was like.

Taking the apple from her, he took a small bite. “After I go home, things will get better.”

Pei Qiqi grinned and leaned in closer to him until her cheek was against his. Their cheeks stuck to each other tightly as she spoke with a hoarse voice, “Dad, have I ever told you that I love you so much!”



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