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Public vs. Personal Matter (4)

He… shouldnt have discovered that it was her, right

Pei Qiqi continued her shift until it was done at 5:00 pm. Today was worse than yesterday. Her legs were shaking at this point. She had changed out of her clothes and was now sitting by the bus stop.

Tang Yu sat in the car and looked at Pei Qiqi.

She had taken off those thick frames and wiped off her lipstick. However, her hair was still in a ponytail, making her look refreshing.

Meng Qingcheng was driving when he provoked, “Should I ask Ms. Pei to get on”

“No, dont tell anyone about this!” Tang Yu responded gently and then began to read his files…

Meng Qingcheng understood what his boss meant. He meant, let things go on like this

Was this a trickery or was this a flirting technique

The car left slowly, leaving Pei Qiqi there alone.

After waiting for a long time, there were still no cars. So she took out her cellphone and dialed a familiar yet unfamiliar number.

Zhou Meilin picked up – her tone was kinder than Pei Qiqi had ever heard, “Hello, how may I help you”

Pei Qiqi felt dazed at the sound of this voice. The sun was starting to look extremely blinding. She then took a deep breath and said, “Aunty, its me!”

Zhou Meilins voice turned cold immediately, “Pei Qiqi, what do you want Your dad is still in the hospital!”

Pei Qiqi pursed her lip,.”I want to take my stuff. Is it convenient to do that today”

Zhou Meilin originally wanted to cause her some trouble, but seeing Pei Huans face, she changed her mind, “When do you plan on coming Ill prepare dinner!”

“Theres no need, aunty!” Pei Qiqi didnt think she would have such a kind heart, “I will leave after I take my stuff.”

Zhou Melins voice was a little sour, “I knew it. Now that youre with a high level executive, you dont even want to eat at home.”

Pei Qiqi felt like her eardrums were about to blow out from her words, “Aunty, I think there is no need for us to talk about what happened between us…” She just wanted her stuff back.

Zhou Meilin didnt let this go and her voice turned stiffer, “Now you think your wings have grown, you cannot be controlled anymore. I have packed up all your stuff. Also, just to let you know, I have emptied your room as well. My niece is coming to study in City B and has no place to stay.”

Pei Qiqi didnt care whether that was a lie or not… now, she truly no longer had a home.

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Without a response, she hung up the phone and got on the bus.

After an hour, she returned to her original home. Because Pei Minghe wasnt there, the place looked extremely cold.

The moment she entered, she saw an old suitcase and a travel duffle in the living room.

Zhou Meilin was sitting on the couch with her hands crossed before her chest. Her expression was strangely cold, “Pei Qiqi, all your stuff is here. Do you want to go through it and make sure”

Pei Qiqi walked over slowly. She picked up the duffle and placed it on the suitcase. Then, she stared directly at Zhou Meilin with a cold stare, “Aunty, you think we can go through them You think everything I have is packed”

Zhou Meilin gasped and wanted to start shouting. Damn this girl, so she really thought she could get out there and fly

Before she could say anything, Pei Huan, who was standing on the stairs, coldly chuckled, “Pei Qiqi, for so many years, my mom had raised you. Everything you ate and used belonged to the Pei family. For you to make that statement now is almost traitorous.”

Pei Qiqi looked up. But her breathing almost stopped at what she saw.

Lin Jinrong stood beside Pei Huan.

Perhaps she noticed Pei Qiqi staring, Pei Huans glare turned even more devious.



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