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Public vs. Personal Matter (3)

The male executives felt their spirits lift right away…

But when they saw her face, their energy dissipated.

The thick framed glasses destroyed many peoples interest. That bright red lipstick as well…

Pei Qiqi walked over and stole a look at Tang Yu. He didnt reveal much of an expression.

His gaze was also very cold… completely different from how he looked in bed.

She began to overthink and her face got hot. She no longer dared to look and put the folders before Xiao Ran. Xiao Ran glared at her and thought she looked familiar.

Pei Qiqi put everything down, leaned forward a little, and then was ready to leave.

He squinted.

Originally, he just thought she looked familiar, but now…

He remembered now that last night, he had kissed her neck a little too hard…

“Wait!” A bright male voice arose, startling Pei Qiqi. For a long time, she didnt dare to look up.

Tang Yu held his posture but his voice was very cold, “Which department are you from”

Pei Qiqi didnt dare to speak. She was terrified that if she spoke, her cover would be blown.

Xiao Ran helped her out, “HR sent her!”

Tang Yu glared at Xiao Ran and didnt pursue further. He merely said, “You can leave now!”

Pei Qiqi sighed in relief. Only then did she realize her palms were sweaty.

She headed to the door. Tang Yus gaze followed her back...

Meng Qingcheng chuckled under his breath. He knew that Tang Yu had recognized her.

However, Pei Qiqi in that uniform was truly enough to cause a nosebleed… he couldnt tell before but she had a nice figure.

Those legs of hers in particular, were especially straight. Plus, she was young… suddenly, Tang Yu shot him a look and Meng Qingcheng couldnt laugh anymore.

Suddenly, the atmosphere seemed to have relaxed, because… the President was obviously distracted.

At 4:30 pm, Tang Yu ended this meeting to everyones surprise. They all thought todays meeting was going to last until 8 or 9…

Some people had already called their families to say that.

Meng Qingcheng followed behind Tang Yu and said, “Is the new intern hot”

Tang Yu turned around abruptly and stared right at Meng Qingcheng.

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Then, he rolled up the files in his hand and slapped Meng Qingcheng with it, “You knew of the news and didnt report it!”

His tone sounded pretty relaxed. It seemed like he was in a good mood.

The two of them walked to the elevator together. Inside the elevator, Tang Yu finally let go of his persona and stared at Meng Qingcheng, “How did she end up working here”

Meng Qingcheng laughed, “Girl needs to eat!”

Tang Yu frowned. “You didnt give her an allowance”

“Yeah I thought it would be better for you to do stuff like that!” Meng Qingcheng winked.

Tang Yu didnt speak and merely adjusted his suit.

After the elevator stopped, he walked out with Meng Qingcheng following behind, “You… arent afraid that she has other intentions in coming here”

Tang Yu didnt stop, “Doesnt matter if she does. She wont achieve anything.”

To him, women were merely spices. He could give her money and maybe offer some affection but he wasnt going to give her anything else…

At that moment, Tang Yu had no idea that there would come a day when he would give his entirety to Pei Qiqi.

When Pei Qiqi was leaving, her legs were jello. Only after much struggles did she finally manage to hold herself up.



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