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Public vs. Private Matter (1)

Tang Yu returned to Sheng Yuan and straight away went to his office. His secretary had prepared all the notes. He flipped through them and went to the meeting room.

Meng Qingchen followed and said with a smile, “Did you spend your night at Summer City”

Tang Yu didnt slow his steps and his voice was slightly cold, “Dont talk to me about private matters at work!”

Meng Qingcheng smiled and entered the meeting room with him…

The purpose of todays meeting was to budget for the next two quarters. So it seemed like they were going to have to spend the entire day in the meeting room.

The meeting required a long period of concentration. Most people showed signs of exhaustion – particularly the female executives and the secretaries.

Only Tang Yu sat at the head of the table and never showed any signs of tiredness. At lunch, the female employees went to fix their makeup in the bathroom –

The President didnt have a girlfriend yet. Though there was an age gap, people had dreams. What if one of them got fulfilled

Tang Yu flipped through the prepared documents and wasnt too satisfied with them. His expression didnt hide that fact. By the afternoon, the atmosphere turned heavy.

Everyone was tense and was afraid of getting picked on by the President.

Tang Yu looked down and didnt make a sound. The executive who spoke felt himself sweating…

Sheng Yuan had great benefits. Even a normal employee had a salary of over $10,000 a month. Starting from the management level, everyone earned seven digits a year. But the stress was no joke.

When Tang Yu became the President, everyone from Sheng Yuan was pretty happy, thinking they would be able to relax a little. However, Mr. Tang junior was more of a workaholic than Mr. Tang senior.

Every single Sheng Yuan employee remembered how several years ago, when Tang Yu just took over Sheng Yuan, he lived inside the company for half a month because of one project… Those few weeks were like deep water and flaring flames for the employees.

If the boss was working this hard, how could the employees sit there and chill

Of course, there were also voices of objection where people said Tang Yu was squeezing too much out of his employees. However, the moment Tang Yu became the President, the results for that year multiplied.

Then, Tang Yu turned into Sheng Yuans legend. His existence was beyond comprehension.

Nobody dared to question him after!


Pei Qiqi rushed over to Sheng Yuan after class. Because of her period, she walked slowly.

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She was halfway through her delivery responsibilities when she felt the atmosphere was strange. It was so quiet today.

Xiao Liu carried a cup of coffee and wore Sheng Yuans pretty uniform when she said, “The top dogs are having a meeting!”

Her thin and white finger pointed upwards and then she lowered her voice, “Its almost been a whole day by now. If you think about it, the executives are a little pitiful!”

Pei Qiqi organized the files she was about to send and said casually, “They are the pitiful ones”

“The president is ferocious!” Xiao Liu laughed, “Well, not ferocious, but strict!”

Pei Qiqi thought of him as a strict old man with a long beard. That image inside her head made her laugh.

Then, Ms. Wen walked out of her office with a stack of files in hand. She raised both of her hands and pointed to the 10 temporary hires, “Children, lets act fact. Theyre asking for these files upstairs. Stop what you are doing and prioritize this…”

Xiao Liu stuck her tongue out at Pei Qiqi. She put down her cup and began to deal with the mail.

Ms. Wen looked at Pei Qiqi, “You! Take these to the 71st floor. Dont talk too much. Just hand these to the Presidents secretary, Xiao Ran.”

Pei Qiqi nodded and thought this meant Ms. Wen trusted her. Didnt Xiao Liu say that she normally wouldnt be allowed to go to floors higher than 70



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