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Thank you for WaitingMister Tang Chapter 24

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That Innocent Gaze (4)

Tang Yu didnt speak. His eyes were gently closed, “Then take the time to think.”

He then left Pei Qiqi to stare at him with her eyes wide as he went to sleep. She didnt dare to let him go.

As she stared at his good-looking chin, she wanted to cry.

After a long time, Tang Yu opened up one eye, saw the look on her face, and smiled. Then, he went back to sleep.

How intriguing!

Pei Qiqi struggled for a long time and only when she sensed that he had fallen asleep, did she try to leave his arms. She only moved once, but her entire body was pulled into his embrace again. Before they were only half hugging, by now, they were fully embracing.

It was like he was hugging onto a small teddy bear… Pei Qiqi stayed put and didnt dare to adjust her position again.

She relaxed a little and went to sleep…

In the morning, she woke up in discomfort.

It was both because of her period and because of all the exercises she had to do yesterday.

She quietly groaned and then quickly heard footsteps.

“Youre awake” Tang Yu fixed his tie and leaned down to look at her, “Come eat breakfast. Ill drop you off at school!”

Pei Qiqi lied there with the blanket covering up to her chin – like a little saint… she then stuttered, “Theres no need!”

Tang Yu picked a piece of paper up off the bedside table and slowly read, “Political Economy class at 9 am.”

He paused, “If Im not mistaken, its already 8:10 am. Were you planning to take the bus”

8:10 am

Pei Qiqi almost hopped out of bed. My god, she usually woke up around 6:30 am, how was it already 8:00 am

She dashed to the changing room but was helpless there. There werent any of her clothes here and she hadnt moved out of her home. As for yesterdays clothes, they were soaked after last night and could not be worn.

Perhaps it was because she was in there for a long time, Tang Yu decided to walk into the changing room. After he saw her in a daze, he finally remembered and made a phone call…

After the call, he glanced at her. “Eat first!”

Pei Qiqi agreed and then realized that she naked and was only covered with a towel. Tang Yu opened the closet door and took out a white shirt, “Put this on.”

Pei Qiqi carefully put it on. The shirt was big – big enough for her to wear it as a dress. It helped cover her up.

She followed him outside. The maids had already cooked breakfast and left – Tang Yu was someone who treated his privacy seriously.

Pei Qiqi sat across from him and carefully took small bites of the food.

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It was western food again.

She didnt think it tasted good but didnt dare to decline the food.

She was scared of him! Though he had never acted violently towards her, she just felt distant from him.

Perhaps he had noticed her expression, Tang Yus expression turned gentle, “You arent used to eating western food”

Pei Qiqi responded with a “yes.” She didnt think he would do anything about it for her.



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