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That Innocent Gaze (3)

When he spoke, he gave her a look.

Her face was unbelievably red and it made his lips curl up.

Though he didnt get to relieve himself, he didnt feel the slightest unhappiness!

Pei Qiqi said “oh” and went to find a set of grey bedding. After she redid the bed, she saw that Tang Yu was still focused on work so she asked quietly, “Then, I will sleep first”

Even until now, she still hasnt figured out why he came today.

She waited for a long time but he never answered. So she carefully crawled onto the bed and under the blanket.

Perhaps it was because of her period, but her stomach didnt feel well. She tossed and turned without being able to sleep.

But because he was here, she didnt dare to get up either…

After a long long time, when she finally started to feel hazy, she felt the light turn off and a warm body slid in beside her…

His body was pressed against her back and a hand was on her waist with the intention of inching upwards.

Pei Qiqi woke up. When she woke, she felt very unwell. Her stomach felt swollen and bloated, plus, his giant hand was invading her space.

As for Tang Yu, he was experiencing the definition of perfection.

Pei Qiqis beauty was not limited to the surface. She also had a perfect body.

Currently, he was holding onto something that was silky, smooth, delicate, and perfect. Even a saint would go insane over this sensation.

His face was buried against her neck. She had just showered and smelt faintly fragrant. This natural scent comforted him.

As his lips turned from cold to hot, Pei Qiqi gently moaned…

Tang Yu laughed out loud. He was very happy!

He wasnt an experienced man. Pei Qiqi was his first. But mens instinct made him a fast learner. He only needed to make very slight movements for her to succumb.

Pei Qiqi courageously grabbed onto his hand. He paused, “What is it”

Though this was the wrong place, his voice remained dignified and noble.

“My stomach hurts…” She whispered. Even her voice sounded pitiful.

Tang Yus hand no longer explored. He himself barely moved after that.

Pei Qiqi bit her lip and wondered if he was angry.

After a long time, Tang Yus giant hand shifted to where her stomach was… the hot palm made Pei Qiqi sigh in relief out of comfort.

“Here” His voice was a little hoarse.

She said, “Yes”. She was far too tired today and was unable to decline his kindness. She also didnt want to.

Tang Yu nudged her a little until her head was on his arm. His body leaned in closer until their faces were next to each others. The hot air he breathed out landed on his neck.

Pei Qiqis face felt hot. She wondered if they acted too intimately given their relationship.

She knew her identity and knew that men like Tang Yu wouldnt easily fall for any woman. Plus, he bought her.

She felt unsettled and thought he had a secret agenda. Therefore, she whispered, “Im good now.”

Tang Yus fingers stiffened a little. Then, he said beside her ear, “Pei Qiqi, I am not good yet… how about this, I helped you, so now its your turn to help me!”

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Pei Qiqi agreed with what Chen Xinjie had said earlier… Capitalists are vampires. Tang Yu had more ways to get her to work more.

The most important thing was that she didnt know him and was uncertain what he would ask her to do in the next second!

She felt like she had been burned and her voice turned lower and quieter, “I dont know how.”

Though this made her sound like a scared-y cat, she responded honestly.



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