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Thank you for WaitingMister Tang Chapter 22

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That Innocent Gaze (2)

Pei Qiqis face remained upwards as she looked at him helplessly.

Didnt he say he wasnt coming until Friday or Saturday

Why was he here right now!

But Pei Qiqi… didnt dare to ask. She could only stare at him pitifully.

That innocent gaze of hers had completely aroused his desire to dominate.

Tang Yu listened to the thirst inside him and leaned in to kiss her…

Pei Qiqi was shocked. She opened her eyes wide like a small and pitiful animal.

Tang Yu sensed how unsettled she felt. He opened his eyes and stared at her.

Under his gaze, it was impossible for her to breathe. She could only continue to look at him helplessly. Her voice was fragile, “Not… here.”

Then, she looked down.

By then, he had let go of her small hand. Her droopy gaze, her fragile appearance, everything about her was asking for affection.

Tang Yu gave her a long stare before he picked her up.

Pei Qiqi shrieked in shock and wrapped her arms around his neck… she was scared to fall down.

Perhaps because this action pleased him, he chuckled…

She was shocked as she stared at him, stunned. Her hair dripped with water and his did too.

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Pei Qiqi had no strength to stop this. She didnt dare to say no.

“Is it that time of the month”


Pei Qiqi opened up her misty eyes in shock and stared into his eyes.

Tang Yus cold voice was somewhat hoarse, “Go clean up a little!”

Pei Qiqi straightened her body and sat up.

She watched in a daze…

The sound of water arrived from the bathroom. Pei Qiqi sat up straight and grabbed her hair.

Tang Yu came out quickly and said, “Why arent you moving”

Though his tone was light and there was no tone of blame, Pei Qiqi was still scared of him. She left quickly. Luckily, she had a few pads in her purse. Or else she wouldnt know what she would do.

Tang Yu wore a bathrobe. He sat on the couch and clicked around his laptop. He seemed to be doing work.

His expression was calm. It seemed like he wasnt mad about before and was not at all affected.

He didnt seem like a normal man.

Shouldnt he be angry

Pei Qiqi stared at the patch of redness and did not know what to do.

As she contemplated, his voice arrived, “Change the sheets. There are some in the cabinet… look for it yourself.”



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