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That Innocent Gaze (1)

“You just moved out and will need some additional items. I dont have a lot, but I can afford this!” Pei Minghe got off the bed and slowly walked over to put the money in her hand. “Take it for now. If this isnt enough, you can always ask…”

He paused, then said with some sadness, “I originally always planned to buy you a condo and have you move out when you got a little older. But now… its good! Its good that you are moving out!”

Pei Qiqis heart felt much sadness from all this. She croaked out a “dad” and then placed her small face on his shoulder, “Dad, you must stay well.”

Pei Minghe smiled and then helped her stuff the money into her backpack, “Be careful on your way home.”

When Pei Qiqi reached the bottom of the building, she looked up and stopped herself from crying out loud.

She told herself that all of this was worth it.

By the time she returned to Summer City, it was already 10 pm. She was very tired so she headed to the shower right after she placed down her items.

Because she lived alone, she went to the bathroom and did not bring pajamas with her. She used hot water to wash her exhausted body.

Suddenly, she heard a crisp voice from outside, as well as the sound of door closing.

Pei Qiqi used a bath towel to cover her body. Then, she stared at the bathroom door, a little helpless –

Was there a thief

How could there be thieves inside this high-end condo building

She gritted her a teeth and after much contemplation, she still couldnt decide if she should go out there and look.

Then, the sound of the footsteps got closer and closer!

Before Pei Qiqi could react, the bathroom door was flung open…

She screamed. Her hands tried to cover her body as she struggled to retreat. Her back touched the wall.

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It was Tang Yu!

He still held onto his briefcase, but a faint scent of alcohol exuded off of him. His face was also abnormally red. It appeared that he had returned from an event.

His collar was loose and his dress shirt was unbuttoned up top and it revealed his jade-like skin. His sleeves had been casually rolled up to his elbow. Based on first glance, he wasnt the stick-skinny type.

Though he wasnt the bodybuilder type either, every muscle was very well-placed on his bone and it made him look pleasing to the eyes.

However, Pei Qiqi still felt a moment of fear. She still remembered his craziness from that night.

Tang Yu threw his briefcase onto a table and stood by the door lazily. He stared directly at her body.

It seemed like he was surprised today as well.

Who knew his visit today would grant him such fortune.

He was very, very satisfied.

Satisfied at what he saw and satisfied with her body.

After a long time, he finally said, “Remove the towel!”

His voice was coarse. Though somewhat gentle, it disallowed objection.

Pei Qiqi quivered gently and her lips pursed into a line.

Currently, she had no idea how alluring she looked. Her dark hair was soaked and was stuck to her soft, white back. Her brows and her face were damp from the mist. There wasnt a single part of her that wasnt extremely seductive.

Tang Yus eyes turned dark, likely from impatience. With his voice coarse, he repeated himself, “Remove it.”

Pei Qiqi pressed her body tightly against the wall. The wall was cold but his gaze was hot – it almost burned through the towel.

It took all of her energy to breathe and she didnt dare to look at him. She lifted her face and like a helpless little animal, she struggled meaninglessly.

Her expression made Tang Yu laugh. He walked in closer and in a low and hoarse voice, he asked, “You scared”



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