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Deceive and Bluff, Qiqi (4)

It was noon and the sun had seeped through the window. It brightened the bookshelf behind Tang Yu and made him stand out like a god. Inside the spacious area, the only sound that could be heard was when Tang Yu flipped through the pages.

Meng Qingcheng lightly closed the door. With his hands crossed before his chest, he coughed softly, “Look at you, its like works your true soulmate. Do you know what the outside world says about you A workaholic is a pleasant name to call you. Some say it isnt clear what your sexuality is. The most pitiful person is me… I had to take the blame…”

As Meng Qingcheng spoke, he pointed to Tang Yu and then to himself. It was obvious what he meant.

Tang Yu did not lift his head and instead softly opened his mouth, “You should know my sexual preference very well, no”

He had rolled around in bed with a girl just a couple of days ago. It felt nice and he missed it, so he bought her.

These werent things Meng Qingcheng was going to forget.

Meng Qingcheng walked forward, chuckled, and leaned against Tang Yus desk, “Today, a hot girl visited HR!”

“So you are going for her” Tang Yu looked down again and placed his focus back onto the documents. He said softly, “Dont forget Sheng Yuans rules.”

Meng Qingcheng laughed meaningfully, “Right, the rule that forbids coworkers from dating!”

This rule was implemented by the impersonable Mr. Tang… It would likely shoot him in the foot very soon since Pei Qiqi acted so carelessly. She didnt even remember Tang Yus position.

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“Good!” Tang Yu said lightly, then threw forward the document in hand.“For this document, go ask Vice President Xu to review and then resubmit. Also, tell him this. He has two more years till retirement, he probably doesnt want anything to happen this late in his career, right”

Meng Qingcheng took it and looked it through. His face grew grave, “Okay!”

He was just about to leave when Tang Yu stopped him, “The new girl, is she really that…hot”

Meng Qingcheng laughed somewhat wildly. “I thought you were not interested in women!”

Tang Yu waved him to get out. He was not interested, but he was… a bit curious. Was she prettier than Pei Qiqi

Pei Qiqi was the most beautiful girl Tang Yu had seen. Of course, this was only limited to when she was naked and had no make-up on.

Womens makeup techniques were magical. However, she was a beautiful jewel, flawless, and didnt need makeup at all.

Tang Yu looked down and laughed. He then suddenly grabbed the calendar beside him…

Monday, it was only Monday!

Fridays and Saturdays were days when he visited that place to release his passion. Right now, he actually wished today was Friday.

Pei Qiqi started to work at Sheng Yuan after school the next day. Just as Xiao Liu had said, it was pure physical work. She was curious as to why they didnt hire male co-op students for this kind of work.

Later, Xiao Liu told her secretly, “Company image!”

So profound! Pei Qiqi couldnt understand. She could only walk around non-stop. After she walked from 3pm to 5pm, two whole hours, her legs shook uncontrollably…

But she clenched her teeth and still pushed through. By five, she stood by the companys front door and waited for the bus.

Sheng Yuans employees came out in groups. Some drove themselves and others took a taxi. Only a handful of new employees, like her, waited for the bus.

Pei Qiqi watched this with envy…

If her fathers company did not get into trouble, she would move away after graduation. Then, she would become a normal employee just like them. She would save money, little by little, then buy a small house…



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