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Deceive and Bluff, Qiqi (1)

Chen Xinjie then said mysteriously, “My relative works at Sheng Yuan, and they are looking for two co-op students there for some miscellaneous tasks. We only need to go when we dont have classes for just two or three hours every day, and they pay $4,000 a month. Think about it, the ordinary working-class only makes a bit more than this! ”

She added, “If you perform well, you can work directly for Sheng Yuan after graduation, which would be insanely awesome!”

She patted Pei Qiqi on the shoulder, and said seductively, “Therefore, men are nothing. Come on kid, lets join Sheng Yuan together!”

Sheng Yuan

Pei Qiqi felt that the companys name was somewhat familiar, but she didnt have time to ponder over it before Pei Huan approached them.

Pei Huan walked over, looked at Pei Qiqi, and called out “older sister” with a sweet smile on her face.

Her surliness was well known to Pei Qiqi, so she just ignored it.

But Chen Xinjie couldnt help herself. With no trace of politeness, she said, “Who is your older sister Is there anyone shameless enough to rob her sisters boyfriend”

Pei Qiqi pulled Chen Xinjie away, “Lets go!”

“Stop!” Pei Huan smiled like a cat, “Who did you call shameless just now Pei Qiqi, just who is shameless, do you need to make it clear

She leaned over with her face right next to Pei Qiqis ear and said in a very soft voice, “Is it an honorable thing for you to sleep with a strange man”

Pei Qiqi was not surprised that she knew, why would Zhou Meilin not tell such a wonderful story to Pei Huan

She looked at Pei Huan and took a deep breath, “Yeah, I sold my body. However, Pei Huan, if Im not happy, and I ask my rich man to deal with the Pei family, what do you think will happen Do you think a bankrupted Pei family is still worthy of Lin Jinrong”

Pei Huans face was sullen but she did not burst into anger as what Pei Qiqi said was true.

Plus, Zhou Meilin and she had access to lots of resources. Although the Pei family survived the crisis, there was no guarantee that a similar situation would never happen again. So if Pei Qiqi wanted to sell herself, then so be it…

She smiled lightly and affectionately and then said, “Sister, my happiness depends on you!”

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Pei Qiqi was disgusted by her. Pei Huans lack of demeanor was completely inherited from Zhou Meilin.

Chen Xinjie couldnt stand it any longer. She pulled Pei Qiqi away and walked to a small wooded area before she let go of her. Her face was a little serious, but she deliberately said with ease, “Lets talk, whats the matter”

“Didnt you say we were going to work” Pei Qiqi pushed back.

But Chen Xinjie wasnt that easy to dismiss, “Pei Qiqi, are you still a friend”

She almost turned hostile.

“Of course I am. So since Im in a difficult situation right now, you have to take me to work together...” Pei Qiqi smiled, “You know about Pei Huan and I. Chen Xinjie, I moved out. Everything costs money and I have to earn everything by myself! ”

Chen Xinjie stared at her for a long time, then finally eased her expression. She patted her shoulder, “Okay, lets start our little motor and start earning money...”

Pei Qiqi laughed with her.

Chen Xinjie tilted her head and said, “Come on, lets go!”

Pei Qiqi shook her head and was dragged onto the bus headed for Sheng Yuan.

Outside Sheng Yuan, Chen Xinjie opened her mouth wide and gulped deeply. “No way…”

Even though it was very well known that Sheng Yuan was the leader of City B, a commercial giant out here in the north, it never crossed her mind that this place was this... huge!

It was not a building, but a group of buildings that covered an entire street. It was also positioned in the most prosperous area of City B.



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