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I ask for Loyalty (5)

Pei Qiqi lowered her eyes and didnt meet his gaze. Instead, she extended her hand and organized her stuff.

Chen Xinjie looked at her, then at the pair. She then spoke coldly, “I couldnt tell before that Lin Jinrong is into white lotuses*.”

Her tone sounded like she felt very bad for Pei Qiqi because it was obvious, even to the blind, that Lin Jinrong had actively pursued her. However, now, he had gotten together with Pei Qiqis little sister.

This was like a slap in Pei Qiqis face.

“Chen Xinjie, stop!” Pei Qiqi lowered her voice.

What made her better than them

She was now owned by a man named Tang Yu and had no right to think about anything related to Lin Jinrong.

Chen Xinjie mumbled a few additional things under her breath…

Lin Jinrongs gaze was on Pei Qiqi the whole time, but she never looked at him once.

Just then, Pei Huans fingers crawled up his arms. Her voice had gotten soft and sticky, “Jinrong, lets go sit over there!”

There were two empty seats by Pei Qiqis side.

It wasnt that there were no other seats, it was just that Pei Huan wanted to spite Pei Qiqi.

She linked arms with Lin Jinrong and walked over to Pei Qiqis side with a victorious smile on her face.

She originally wanted to sit beside Pei Qiqi, but Lin Jinrong beat her to it and sat by Pei Qiqi.

Pei Huan wasnt too happy about this. But since she just got together with Lin Jinrong, she didnt dare to act out too much…

All the blood in Pei Qiqis body froze. How could she not know Pei Huans thoughts

And Lin Jinrong was right beside her. To her, this was torture…

Nobody could act as if nothing had happened in front of someone theyve liked for two years. It was just that right now, while their surroundings remained the same, the people have changed.

He was now Pei Huans boyfriend and she was now someone elses woman.

Pei Huan didnt listen to the class at all and for the entire time, her face was placed on top of Lin Jinrongs arm…

Almost nobody was listening in class. They all watched the situation unfold.

Remember that Pei Qiqi and Pei Huan were sisters. And Lin Jinrong had always liked Pei Qiqi before this…

After class, Pei Qiqi cleaned up her stuff and left in a hurry while she disregarded everyones stare. Chen Xinjie followed right behind, “Pei Qiqi, wait for me.”

Lin Jinrongs gaze followed Pei Qiqi as she left. He felt a wave of pain inside.

He was very good looking, handsome, and friendly. His hair was soft and though longer compared to other boys, looked very graceful. Many girls from University B had a crush on him, but he only liked Pei Qiqi. He liked her for two years and never confessed.

Last Wednesday was his birthday and Pei Huan attended his party with a party invitation that was meant for Pei Qiqi…

That night, he had too much to drink and ended up in bed with Pei Huan.

It was also Pei Huans first time, so he had to take responsibility.

“Lin Jinrong!” Pei Huan pulled on his arm and expressed her unhappiness.

Lin Jinrong stood up and said softly, “Lets go!”

Outside, Chen Xinjie followed Pei Qiqi tightly and pouted, “Alright, Pei Qiqi, Im sorry. I didnt know they would come together. Can you forgive me”

She extended her hand and pulled on Pei Qiqis arm.

Pei Qiqi stopped. “Im not angry!”

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The reality was that she wasnt angry because she had no right to be angry.

She did feel a little lost and uncertain of what to do. For Lin Jinrong to now be involved with Pei Huan meant everyones now tangled up in one way or another. She would likely need to spend the rest of her life under Pei Huans taunting glare.

Chen Xinjie watched over her and became even more subservient. She apologized continuously and then said, “I asked you to come because I really do have great news.”



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