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I ask for Loyalty (3)

He seemed to be tight on time. So why did he wait for her to get dressed

Pei Qiqi didnt want to think about it and simply watched him leave. Her legs were a little limp.

Outside was the sound of conversations. Tang Yu had asked Meng Qingcheng to do something. After Pei Qiqi walked out, Tang Yu gave her a look, lowered his voice, and made another statement to Meng Qingcheng.

After Tang Yu left, Meng Qingcheng finally flashed a smile, “My name is Meng Qingcheng, the executive assistant of Tang Yu. We are also friends who grew up together. If you have anything you need, you can find me!”

He took out a business card and handed it over to Pei Qiqi. Pei Qiqi accepted it and carefully put it in her pocket.

“I havent eaten breakfast yet. Before we go to Summer City Condominium, accompany me to get some breakfast!” Meng Qingcheng was very friendly and approachable.

Pei Qiqi mumbled an “okay” and Meng Qingcheng opened the door with much chivalry.

Tang Yu wasnt difficult to work for. At least as of now, he has been gentle and kind.

However, Pei Qiqi would never find Tang Yu to be…. personable. His normally subtle expression alone gave the demeanor that he was superior.

She… was afraid of him.

And even more afraid of the person he was in bed!

Meng Qingcheng drove a white BMW, a model that was relatively straight and narrow. Pei Qiqi was too embarrassed to sit in the back so she sat in the front…

Along the way, he was the only one who spoke.

Breakfast was unexpectedly delicious. A Chinese-style breakfast restaurant that calmed Pei Qiqis uncomfortable stomach.

When they returned to the car, Meng Qingcheng put on his seatbelt and then casually asked, “Oh right. That night, Tang Yu wasnt prepared…”

He left some leeway for her.

Pei Qiqi wasnt an idiot and understood what he meant within seconds. She looked at her lap and lightly said, “I have already taken the morning after pill!”

This stunned Meng Qingcheng.

To know that in City B, there wasnt a single woman who wouldnt want to climb onto Tang Yus bed, and there wasnt a single woman who wouldnt want Tang Yus children!

Out here in the north, a kid from the Tang clan was as precious as an emperors child.

Yet Pei Qiqi took a morning after pill!!!

Of course, even if she didnt take one, within 72 hours, Tang Yu would have made her take one.

Meng Qingcheng paused a little then consoled her with much gentleness, “Dont randomly eat those kinds of pills. There are side effects. I will have someone prescribe you some other medication! Stuff that isnt as harmful.”

Pei Qiqi quietly agreed. She felt Meng Qingcheng was doing his absolute best to take care of her pride. As for her physical body…. It didnt matter to her whether it was good or not.

Perhaps the atmosphere was a little frigid, Meng Qingcheng said something strange, “Um, no man likes to wear that stuff…”

After these words left his mouth, he wanted to stuff them back down his throat.

Pei Qiqi didnt make a sound and only sat there quietly…

Meng Qingcheng glanced at her. It was a bit of a shame… She was such a wonderful girl!

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He took her to the Summer City Condominium, one of the many properties under Tang Yus name. It was very close to the city center… it could be said that this piece of land was a pot of gold. One square meter started at $100,000. No matter how young Pei Qiqi was, she knew that much.

The condo wasnt exactly large; it was around 100 square meters. There was a bedroom and a living room and everything was fully equipped. Nothing was missing.

“This is the key!” Meng Qingcheng handed her a key and a cellphone, “Take this with you. The president… will call you when he wants to find you.”

Pei Qiqi understood and accepted it.

Even though he treated her like any normal person, it could not erase the fact that she was merely a woman who warms Tang Yus bed.



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