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Chapter 2172: White whale of the snowy sea (1)

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Currently, the underground city was jointly managed by a few powerful families.

Among them, Dongfang Lin was respectfully called the underground citys city Lord, and there were two Deputy city Lords as well as the elders Council.

They basically formed the core of the underground city.

Therefore, if there was a major incident in the underground city, the elders Council would usually be convened to show caution.

Dongfang Lin had the absolute authority in the underground city.

However, he chose to do things in a formal manner.

This was also to prove to the public that the buried city was legitimate.

Even though most of the people in the city had acknowledged Leng ruoxue, the human heart was hard to fathom.

Hence, he felt that it was better to put this matter out in the open.

Furthermore, he believed that Leng ruoxue would not do such a thing, but others might not do the same as him.

If he believed in Leng ruoxue and someone wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to do something, he was afraid that it would be impossible to guard against it.

Hence, he threw the right to handle this matter to his elder brother while he watched the show from the side and tried to sound the drums at the same time.

The facts proved that.

He had made the right decision!

After hearing the elderswords, Dongfang Lin smiled and said,””Big brother, since the elders and sinecures have already come to a decision, I think we should let them discuss how to punish yaoji first.

Then, well decide what kind of punishment we should give her.”

“En!” Dongfang Yue nodded in agreement.

At this moment, the unconscious yaoji suddenly woke up.

Then, everyone heard her shouting non-stop,””You cant wrong me! You cant wrong me!”

Upon hearing this, Dongfang Yue could not help but frown.

Then, he waved his hand and said impatiently,””Men! Take her away.

With Dongfang Yues order, two guards quickly entered the room.

Then, they grabbed yaojis arms and forcefully dragged her out.

“You guys can discuss her crime and the punishment she should receive!” After Dongfang Yue finished speaking, he sighed softly and left the meeting hall in loneliness.

When Dongfang Lin saw this, he quickly gave chase.

At the same time, Leng ruoxue carried Cang back to her own residence.

When they saw that Leng ruoxue had returned, uncle long and the evildoer rushed forward and started to ask about what had happened.

Seeing this, Leng ruoxue could only helplessly tell them what had happened.

When uncle long heard this, he couldnt help but widen his eyes and say in disbelief,””That woman is really crazy.

In order to frame you, she even harmed her own people! Oh my God! This kind of woman cant be left alive, or else, sooner or later, Ill be bitten by her!”

“Shes quite crazy, but the poison she used shouldnt be too heavy.

Otherwise, Dongfang Lin and the others wouldnt let her off even if she died a hundred times.” Leng ruoxue said.

“I wonder what kind of punishment she will receive” Uncle long was a little curious.

If it were him, he would kill this woman without hesitation.

After all, if she could poison the people around him today, she could kill them tomorrow! And this kind of person, who did not have any morals in order to frame others, absolutely could not be allowed to die!

“I dont think he will die!” Leng ruoxue laughed coldly.

She was very clear that even though that woman had poisoned everyone, some people might not be willing to let her die.

At most, she would only be punished to give an explanation to the people here.

“Thats a pity.

Were definitely raising a Tiger!” Uncle long said with a sigh.

“Even if they raise Tigers, theyre the ones raising them.

It has nothing to do with us.

We cant do anything about it.” Leng ruoxue replied emotionlessly.

To be precise, they might not listen to them.

“Hehe! Girl, its good that you can think like this!” When Cang heard this, he praised.

At this moment, Leng ruoxue remembered to ask Cang,””You scoundrel, since you already have evidence, why didnt you tell me”

“I dont know what that ugly woman wants to do, so how am I supposed to tell you Besides, you didnt even ask!” Azure said with a smile.

“Alright! Youre right!” Leng ruoxue was helpless.

Cang had too many twisted logic and she was not his match.

“Hehe! “Girl, lets not worry about such a small matter.

I know theres a snow sea not far from black fog City.

Theres a kind of fish in the sea called snow fish.

Its called delicious! Lets catch a few to eat!” Azure suggested.

“Ill just take it as a walk!” Azure added.

“Snow fish Dont I have the silver Snow fish” Leng ruoxue could not understand.

Why did he have to go to the snow sea to catch a fish just to eat it Moreover, she had never heard of the sea of snow.

“Its different! It was different! Although your Silver Snow fish is delicious, it does not belong to the divine realm after all and can not be compared with snow fish.

That snow fish can be considered as one of the oldest fish in the divine realm.

It is very delicious.

In short, you will know after you try it.

I guarantee that you will not regret it.

” Azure sucked in a mouthful of saliva and said with a drooling face.

“Xueer, Ive heard of this fish before, but they live under the ice of the deep sea and are harder to catch than trout …” Uncle long explained, but he was cut off before he could finish.

“Whats so hard about catching it I just dont like going into the sea.

But, arent you a whale You should be more familiar with the bottom of the sea than us.

With you around, there will definitely be no problem!” Azure said with a faint smile, his face filled with anticipation.

Seeing the hunger on Azures face, uncle Dragon couldnt bear to strike a blow at him.

In fact, he really wanted to say that even though his true form was a Dragon whale, it didnt mean that he would like such low temperature seawater.

“I cant guarantee that!” Uncle long hesitated for a moment before telling the truth.

“It doesnt matter, lets go and try.

If it really doesnt work, Niu can still use her life spirit Fire to dry the sea of snow, hehe!” Cang suggested.

When Leng ruoxue heard this, she could not help but frown.

She thought to herself,my Natal divine flame isnt meant to dry the ocean.

Moreover, how many Natal divine flames do I need to dry an entire ocean Even though she wasnt sure how big the sea of snow in Cangs mouth was.

Upon hearing this, uncle long nodded his head in agreement even though he had a helpless expression.

He also hoped that he could leave this place temporarily and go out to relax.

Otherwise, he would be annoyed by that group of people all day long.

“Xueer, lets go outside and relax!” Uncle long said to Leng ruoxue after he agreed.

“Alright then!” Leng ruoxue nodded.

She didnt want to face those people anymore.

If it wasnt for her master, she wouldnt have been so patient with them and put up with them.

However, her patience was limited.

Although those people had been doing better recently, it was still far from enough in her opinion.

Perhaps they would be able to figure out what they should do after leaving for a few days!

With this thought in mind, Leng ruoxue didnt want to waste any more time.

She bade farewell to the two guards who had become her loyal dogs and left the underground city with Cang, the demon, and uncle long.

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