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Rebirth from the ashes The vicious couple takes revenge chapter 5

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Next day ... Ava and Aaron both returned china early morning. Their assistants and Grandpa xu will be also arriving this afternoon.

The couple returned after 1 year and many palces and things seems to changed so they decided to walk around and chat .. Ava wanted to buy a simple gown for the reunion but the wife spoiler clearly said no and took her to high end luxury shops . After staying in London her tastes in clothing also changed. She now likes to wear crop tops and short skirts . She also prefers short knee length dresses more than long evening gowns . But when she saw different beautiful gowns she just... wanted to buy everything...

its so beautiful she exclaimed looking at the sapphire colour taffeta dress .

"Pls pack this " the wife spoiler aka Aaron order the salesman who was literally ogling at his wife .

When the salesman heard the cold voice he almost broke out in cold sweat but he followed the order hurriedly and went to the cash counter

"Pfft .. you scared him" she laughed

"He was literally ogling at you ... Hmpp !you become an eye candy everywhere you go " he sulked .

"Hey Mr. Xu . .. " she started defending

"don forget about the last time when a blonde shamelessly flirted with you and also you remember when we were at the business party a beautiful Korean lady? And yes how can I forget that green dress one she was so courageous that she asked you on date and also offered se---

She didn get a chance to finish a sentence as his cold lips completely covered hers silencing her ...

"Mmmpp mmp"

idiot, she scolded him in her mind . Ofc she didn dare to scold him out loud otherwise she knows what will happen next ...

They both are in relationship for long long time but they didn do it yet in their past Life their parents didn even gave a chance to live together ofc .. they were very against their relationship and also they were so busy saving their business and relationship that they merely get some time to hug or kiss or hang .. this was far from that ... After everything they finally thought that they will now can atleast live peacefully but after a week they killed him ....

"What are you thinking?" he asked biting her lips gently..

"I was thinking about the naughty things we can do in the changing room"

she replied in soft voice smiling sweetly at him ..

"First you have to marry me love after that I will not let you off bed for a whole month " his voice was husky and extremely seducing..

"Hmpp who wants to marry you ? "

She replied annoyingly to his teases.

He just chuckled and bit her earlobe slightly and just he about to say something the salesman came back with the gown and handed them before running off

wohooo !! That mans gaze is so scary the salesman cried in his mind .

"Lets go I am hungry"

"Okay we will eat first and then go to the airport to pick up grandfather" he said and walked out with her from the shop .

"Oh yes Yaya and assistant wang is also arriving with grandfather. I already planned for their stay and they will also start working after L.I.P.S banquet" he added

" Thats okay for me but its okay for Yaya to start work after that but what about assistant wang ? "

"I will also attend your banquet as your partner and this week we will just relax. I also prepared a date a day before the banquet what do you think? "

"Relax... Hmm its a good idea we can also go out with grandfather Xu .. he will be happy too .

"As you wish "

The couple went to the French restaurant and after finishing their meal they directly headed airport to pick up grandpa, Yaya , and assistant Wang.


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